Granita is an Italian treat that is now enjoyed by many around the world. Likened to a sorbet, Granita is a lovely cold dessert flavour that is great any time of the year, not just in the summer. Made from sugar, water and various different fillings, it is very distinctly different from ice cream due to its refreshingly watery texture compared to the creaminess on the former. It can be as simple or as fancy as you make it but there is very little better than the sweet taste of Italy on a warm summers day.

Granita flavoured E-juices can be sweet and light choosing to rely on the very sweet fruit flavours to bring them to life. The light granita flavour makes a cool and light body with the variety of different fruit flavours on top giving the flavour a real enjoyable experience. Granita flavoured E-liquids will usually come with a chill effect and be dominated with other flavours rather than be a stand alone flavour. Granita flavoured concentrates are fantastic as a foundation for a much bigger flavour profile and mixing with many different sweet flavours can make something truly special. Using in in tanks at any power level is perfectly fine, just be careful of not over sweetening the flavour with the other flavours in there.


Citrus granita, koolada flavour vape juice.