Grape is a fruit that for thousands of years has been enjoyed in a multitude of ways. Whether it is eaten as a snack, made into a soda or fermented into wine, it is easy to say that grape has been one of the most popular fruits around the world. The small fruit is both juicy and sweet with to create a refreshing snack or an enjoyable beverage. Ranging in both a black and green grape variety, with the black being stronger in flavour, seed or seedless it remains one of the most used fruits outside of the citrus family.

Grape flavoured E-juices are very bold in flavour in both a natural and artificial flavour. Grape can be authentic like the fruit or sweetened to taste similar to the popular drink. One thing is for sure, grape flavoured E-liquid is a very distinct flavour and great when added to other mixes. Grape flavoured concentrates are strong and dark, so it is best to be used to enhance a flavour rather than as a stand alone. Grape when used too strong can be very heavy on coils so a strong lead grape can be detrimental to your vaping set up. Either use as a compliment to other dark fruits or use a lighter tone of grape to really make the most out of the flavour.


A delicious Grape & Pineapple flavour E-Liquid from Fluidz.


Sweetwater Grape & White Peach - Ohm Boy

Drip Hacks Nic Salts

Purple Slush 10ml Nicotine Salt


Black grape slush flavour Nicotine Salt - 10ml


Drip Hacks Concentrates

Purple Slush


A smooth Black Grape Slush with a sweet Blackberry Flavour E-Liquid Concentrate.


Vimto - Grape, raspberry & Blackcurrant flavour vape juice.


Grape Slush flavour vape juice.

The Flavour Smiths

TFS Grape E-Liquid Concentrate


A Grape flavour vape juice concentrate by The Flavour Smiths.

Drip Hacks Concentrates

Cryo Grape


An Icey Cold Grape Soda Flavour E-Liquid concentrate.