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Heisenberg is arguably the most well known E-liquid recipe in the world for its unique flavour and colour. The name originates from the popular show Breaking bad and the blue coloured product that is featured in the show. Combined with the main character alter ego and what you get is the most popular flavour in the E-liquid market. It is both unique in flavour and profile with nothing else ever really coming close to it out there. It is one of the most replicated flavours with many ranges having their own version with tweaks and profiles but underneath it all, it remains the same Heisenberg.

Heisenberg flavoured E-juices are unique at heart, mixing blue raspberry and other similar fruits with a cool undertone and notes of aniseed. It is bold and strong, with the different flavours complimenting each other in a way not like much else. Heisenberg flavoured E-liquids are wonderful flavours that offer you something else for both fruity and aniseed lovers. You can find some heisenberg flavours to remove the aniseed altogether for a fruity mix or others heavy on the aniseed. Heisenberg flavoured concentrates are wonderful as a stand alone flavour and do not mix well with much else due to the overpowering profile that the recipe has. It is great in any vaping set up, however a strong heisenberg mix may linger far after you have finished the tank so it may be a good idea to vape this until the bottle is empty.


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