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Jam is such a simple treat that has become synonymous with Great Britain for hundreds of years. The simple treat can be used on toast, as an ingredient into other desserts and cakes or even as part of a more substantial meal. It can be savoury or more commonly sweet, utilising many different fruits to create an enjoyable experience. The most common fruits are strawberry and blackcurrant but jam can even utilise apricot, cranberry and many more. A mixture of fruit and sugar, Jam is incredibly sweet and almost jelly like but it can preserve for longer than most else in your cupboard.

Jam flavoured E-juices are very sweet based flavours that can come both stand alone and mixed with other flavours. Due to the overall sweetness of a jam flavoured E-liquid, it is often found mixed with dessert or even toast flavours to create a more special recipe. Jam concentrates are full of fruity flavour and can be a strong addition to a fruit or dessert mix that are requiring a very sweet injection to brighten it up. Jam flavoured concentrates are often best used in moderation due to the overloading of sweetener but at the right amount can be a very sweet and fruity creation. Try mixing it with cake or toast for a flavour not like much else. Even as a stand alone this can be a very enjoyable flavour.

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