Jelly, every child’s favourite dessert growing up is quite a wondrous invention. From the way it is prepared to how simple it is, that wibbly wobbly bowl of joy has enlightened young minds for decades. Made from gelatine, it has been around for around 200 years from its first mention, with the modern jelly varying wildly from the original inception. Jelly is sweet, clear and can be mixed with ice cream to form a lovely light treat after dinner and the ease of making it from the packet makes it enjoyable to make as well as eat. These days you can find jelly in every flavour imaginable , with strawberry usually the most popular.

Jelly flavoured E-juices are quite the different sweet treat, with the flavour being overloaded in fruity flavour. Jelly can be mistaken for a simple fruit flavour so the sharp sweet sugary notes is what makes jelly stand out as a different vaping experience. Jelly flavoured E-liquids can come in many different flavours much like the real thing, with a sweeter more artificial fruit flavour used rather than a fresh fruit. Jelly flavoured concentrates are fantastic for adding to a fruit flavour to make a nice quick recipe that is sure to go down well. Jelly flavoured E-liquids work well in any set up and the basic flavour profile means it will taste great at any power level. Jelly although mixed in real life as such, should not be combined with creams or ice cream flavours unless you are after that more artificial fruit flavour in your mix.

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