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Kiwi is one of the more unique fruits out there from both its looks and way its eaten.  Despite its name, it is part of the berry family and also known as the Chinese gooseberry.  Its brown skin is edible and the bright green fruit inside hides a lovely pulpy sweet fruit.  The fruit has been grown for hundreds of years in China but during WW2 it was exported to soldiers and by the 1960’s was exported to both America and Great Britain for more common use.  Kiwi is both great in a fruit salad or as a tasty snack, it can even be baked into a pie.  They are full of health benefits including vitamin C and anti-oxidants making this small fruit pack a massive punch.

Kiwi flavoured E-juice is both tropical and sweet, both as a standalone flavour and part of a more complex recipe.  You will find elements of it in many tropical fruit mixes due to the sweet juicy element that kiwi offers.  Kiwi flavoured E-liquids are wonderfully fresh flavours that have a nice natural sweet tone without a bitter aftertaste.  Kiwi flavoured concentrates are a great addition to your fruit mixes and compliment fruit such as pineapple , banana, and even citrus fruits well.  It will perform well in any set up as either part of a recipe or a single flavour and will taste great at any power level. 

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