Marshmallow is the simple yet delicious little treat that has captivated people around the world for decades. The little puffy white/punk sugary treat is found in many different places and yet it is difficult not to love it. Marshmallows are actually thousands of years old in theory, Egyptians made their own versions for the pharaohs to enjoy from the plant in which the name comes from. In modern times marshmallows are made from sugar, gelatin and water and are a completely different entity entirely. Their use is mainly in sweets and desserts but can be enjoyed by themselves. They are a symbol of camping when toasted, make a lovely addition to a tart or similar dessert and even a chocolate bar can be found containing marshmallow. For such a simple thing to make, it is beloved by many around the world.

Marshmallow flavoured E-juices are extremely sweet and light with the marshmallow taking on a different role compared to most others out there. By itself marshmallow is rather tasteless yet when mixed, it acts like a sharp sweetener in an otherwise flat flavour. Marshmallow flavoured E-liquids can be anything from a dessert to a simple mix, their sweetness is always prominent and whether it not be a smore flavour, cake or simply a combination with other sweet flavours, the experience remains the same. Marshmallow flavoured concentrates are simply sweet, with very little flavour to them. So it is recommended that you use it to sweeten up a recipe rather than by itself. They are good in any vaping set up but it is always advised that too much marshmallow will be bad on your coils.

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