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Milk is one of the most well known beverages in the world and has been for thousands of years. Everyone knows what milk is and at some point in their life has enjoyed it in a multitude of ways.  It can be enjoyed cold or warm, it is used in many different culinary meals , desserts and even part of a nutritious breakfast.  Originating from cows, milk has transformed into a whole new industry in the last 30 years with all sorts of milk from goat to almond, the plain white liquid has become more than just milk.  Full of calcium and other great stuff, it remains a vital part to millions of people’s lives from their cereal  and coffee to meals and treats.  

Milk flavoured E-juices are packed full of flavour when mixed into a whole new mix.  Whether it is part of a creamy dessert or used as part of a milkshake mix, you find it in many of your favourite E-liquids.  Milk flavoured E-liquids are wonderful when blended with fruit or sweet flavours to create a drink style that replicates the real thing.  Mix it with creams to give a wonderful dessert style with a milky undertone or even mix with cereal flavours.  Milk flavoured concentrates by themselves are plain in tasting so it does not work well as a stand alone flavour.  However when mixed with other sweet flavours, it really comes alive.  Milk flavoured E-liquids are great on coils by its own merit, with only added flavours affecting your performance.  

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