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Orange soda is the popular soft drink that has the strangest of origins yet remains popular to this day.  Invented in Germany during the second world war by a well-known drinks company , orange soda has taken on a life of its own from the shadow of cola as a drink of choice.  There are many different versions of the drink from orange juice based to more carbonated and sweet, even Caribbean mixes on the flavour.  It is very popular in America but shares love elsewhere around the world.  Orange soda is a simple yet enjoyable beverage when cold and with a plethora of different brands and styles, there is bound to be a version you enjoy.  

Orange soda flavoured E-juice is bright and bubbly, sweet and cold, the type of flavour that is best enjoyed on a summer’s day.  Orange soda can be simple and sweet or mixed with other fruit flavours to give a body of different flavours to bring the orange to life.  However it is mixed, orange soda flavoured E-liquids are a simple yet tasty flavour to vape.  Orange soda flavoured concentrates  are great as a one shot and can be blended with koolada or perhaps a touch of citrus flavours to really make the flavour pop.  You can even add a flavour such as champagne to give a mock fizzy taste.  Unlike its name sake orange, orange soda flavoured E-liquids are great in any vaping set up with the sweetness off-played by the citrus taste.  

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