Pastry is a generic term for the key ingredient in many desserts and savoury dishes available to eat. It is made from water, flour and butter and can be both sweet and savoury serving to be the basis from food such as quiche to pie. Pastry can come in many forms based on how it has been made and each one offers a new taste experience, with flaky and short crust two different examples. In the dessert world, it is the dominant ingredient in many sweet pies and tarts, pretty much anything that doesn’t include crumble will use a form of pastry in some way. This makes pastry such an important part of baking, which it has been for hundreds of years.

Pastry flavoured E-juices are pretty much an endless experience of flavours and texture. As pastry is used as a base flavour, the potential of recipe that a pastry flavoured E-liquid can provide is something well worth trying out. It could be filled with a nice fruit flavour, bold strawberry or apple with a dash of cinnamon. It also blends really well with creams, ice creams and custards when making a complex recipe of flavours. The possibilities are endless when trying a pastry style E-liquid so each one may be a brand new experience. Pastry flavoured concentrates are ideal for a building block for your flavours, a nice base of pastry with fruits, sweets or cream mixed in can give a wonderful end result. Pastry flavoured E-liquids are bound why whatever you mix them with , so unless they are too sweet, they should perform really well in any vaping set up.

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