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Popcorn is such a simple treat enjoyed around the world yet its impact on modern culture is unforgettable. The snack made by heating corn kernels up until they pop (hence the name popcorn) has gone from a simple treat to part of western culture. It is associated with cinemas and movies, almost the symbol of going to the cinema over the decades. The simple snack has been adopted elsewhere and given a whole new flavour experience from savoury to fruit flavours being added to create something far gone from the original sweet and salted we all know. It is even adopted as part of healthier lifestyles in its unflavoured form, making it a snack that is enjoyed by almost everyone. Whether you enjoy it as part of an experience or as a snack, there is no denying that popcorn is extremely popular.

Popcorn flavoured E-juices are dry and sweet with popcorn forming the basis for some wonderful flavours. Whether you enjoy a plain sweet popcorn flavour or have it filled with toffee, chocolate or other sweet tones, the flavour can be something completely different to anything else. Popcorn flavoured E-liquids are quite dry much lime the real thing so that is why sweet notes are required. Popcorn flavoured concentrates are almost tasteless, bringing a slight basked or toasted flavour but not much else. It can blend well with not only sweet flavours but with nuts as well, if you want a nutty dry experience chocked with different notes to pick up on. Popcorn flavoured E-liquids are great in any set up but keep in mind the added flavours may not always be great on your coils.


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