Rum is an alcoholic drink that has been enjoyed for hundreds of years and its range has since taken on such a variety of different roles. The drink is made from fermenting sugar canes over time and historically it carries plenty of significance. It is best known as the drink of pirates, with it being mixed with beer to create grog within the British navy during the 1600s onwards. The beverage has been round for a couple of thousand years almost due to its simplicity and popular flavour. It can come in both white and dark variants with plenty of well known brands today. Rum is used in many desserts and cocktails, combined with chocolate and raisins giving rum a much bigger use than simply an old navy drink.

Rum flavoured E-juices are rather unique in flavour and can be a great accompaniment to many other flavours. Rum is a very distinct flavour so whether it is mixed into dessert style flavours or cocktail inspired ones, it can be bold and strong, almost empowering when used in certain ways. Rum flavoured E-liquid blends really well with chocolate or ice cream flavours, or in a medley of different tones with fruits to create a cocktail. Rum lovers will enjoy any rum flavoured E-liquid as its potency and unique flavour will be enjoyable no matter what. Rum flavoured concentrates are strong and flavourful meaning it can be used in moderate amounts. However you want to mix it or use it as a stand alone flavour, you are sure to get a real special flavour from it. Rum is great in any vaping set up so you can enjoy the flavour whether you are MTL or sub ohm vaping.


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