Scones are quite the alternative dessert flavour that is very British in their roots. Scones were invented in Scotland and their first mention goes way back 500 years making them one of the oldest known desserts besides pies. Back then they were simple oat or crumbly based savoury items, simple to make yet fantastic for eating during those times, since then they have become a sign of nobility and upper class. The most popular term is tea and scones, when a scone is combined with fresh cream to give it a light yet enjoyable flavour. They can be made with a variety of different ingredients with many different versions region specific existing. They can be combined with fresh fruit or simply enjoyed with butter, there is no denying that scones make a lovely after lunch snack that is rich in history.

Scone flavoured E-juices are light and airy, creamy and pleasant to vape. Scone is used as a wonderful base flavour to build upon much like other dessert bases. They can mix wonderfully well with cream and strawberry for a fresh yet satisfying flavour or used to experiment deeper to give a unique perspective on the popular dessert. Scone flavoured E-liquids are a combination of different cream and sweet tones that offer something entirely different from other dessert flavours. They can be simple or complex, with many different textures and tones added to give each flavour a different experience. Scone flavoured concentrates are dry and not as much flavourful as others so they are ideal when used with other flavours. Scone flavoured E-liquids are great in any vaping set ups, but sub ohm vapers may make the most out of their different flavours.


Scone flavour vape juice concentrate by The Flavour Smiths.