Strawberry custard is a unique blend of the popular dessert accompaniment that has many connotations for people within the UK. Taking the standard blend of custard and adding a strawberry flavouring to it might sound out of the ordinary yet for many generations of British school kids it was a way of life each day. Strawberry custard uses a more artificial strawberry flavour but it goes extremely well with the creamy custard base that it was a lovely treat at school dinner times. With a slight pink hue to represent the strawberry, strawberry custard is both distinct in flavour and aesthetics that you won’t find anywhere else.

Strawberry custard flavoured E-juices are creamy and sweet, with a massive packed flavour in that otherwise standard profile. It comes with a lovely sweet aroma and the artificial strawberry blends well with the creamy custard style base. Strawberry custard flavoured E-liquids can be either dry or smooth, but one thing is for sure it will be full of bold flavour. Strawberry custard flavoured concentrates are wonderful as a one shot with very few tweaks required to give you a wonderful all day vape. Strawberry custard flavoured E-liquids are wonderful in any set up and even at MTL you can get a nice solid flavour.

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