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Strawberry is one of the most recognisable fruits and flavours in the world today, with the simple berry type fruit crossing so many different sweet avenues than any other. Strawberries are a red berry found all over the world now but did not come into existence until the 18th century in France. Since then, the strawberry has been used in so many different ways that it has become much more than a little fruit. It is used in desserts such as cheesecake or as sauces to accompany them. It is part of milkshakes, chocolate, sweets and even flavourings for drinks. Not only that, strawberry as a flavour/aroma is used in many beauty products, scented products and much more. Even if you have never went out your way to eat a real one, strawberry flavouring is popular worldwide.

Strawberry flavoured E-juices are sweet and strong, with both an artifical and natural taste to them. They can some in simple straight flavours or as part of a more complex recipe, with the strawberry being very prominent throughout them. Strawberry flavoured E-liquids can be light and sweet, fruity yet not overpowering when compared to other fruit flavours. You can enjoy a lovely realistic flavour or go for the artificial flavouring in profiles such as dessert, ice cream and milkshake. Strawberry flavoured concentrates are pleasant and enjoyable when mixed by themselves and when combined with other flavours can really spark a recipe into life. They are great in any set up and can be enjoyed by both MTL and sub ohm vapers.


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