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Toffee apple is such a simple and delicious treat that has become the symbol for one of the most popular holidays in the world. However wherever you are in the world, it can symbolise a completely different experience. Toffee apples originate back to 1908 where an accident in experimenting created the first toffee apple in the USA. Since then it has become very popular with cold weather holidays, with the Americans seeing the toffee apple as a symbol of Halloween and The UK for bonfire night. At its heart, the toffee apple is such a simple invention, simply placing an apple on a stick and generously coating it in a toffee sauce and waiting for it to harden before eaten.

Toffee apple flavoured E-juices are a lovely and rather different experience compared to other dessert type flavours due to the conflicting yet blended notes. The sweet creamy and sometimes dry toffee flavour are mixed with the sharp fruity notes of apple to give a profile that is rich in different notes to discover. Toffee apple flavoured E-liquids are a wonderfully different experience with the fruity apple bold with a very sweet exhale. Toffee apple flavoured concentrates are wonderful as one shot flavours and when mixed right, will perform brilliant in any vaping set up.


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