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Toffee is a wondrous treat that although in its simplicity, can revolutionise the sweet aisle through its lovely sweet flavour. Toffee is made from caramelising sugar into a hard crack stage and is mixed with butter with the occasional flour to create a sweet creamy and chewy treat. Used in many different places from cheesecake to ice cream, chocolate to simply eaten by itself, toffee is extremely popular and can be found everywhere. It creates some widely popular flavours including milkshake, ice cream and sauces with the toffee being such a robust sweet item that can be used in almost anything. Harder than its caramel counterpart for the most part, toffee is well known for coming in a simple sweets form and that is where it has remained famous ever since its inception in the 19th century.

Toffee flavoured E-juices are sweet and creamy, packed full of flavour and can really compliment other flavours really well. Toffee at its best can be rich in flavour, with deep notes and high sweet points making it a lovely addition to any flavour. Toffee flavoured E-liquids blend wonderfully with dessert or ice cream style flavours, mix with fruit and even as a more unique take on a milkshake. Toffee flavoured concentrates are incredibly sweet so they can be heavy on coils, however when used in moderation can be wonderfully balance din any recipe you make. Toffee flavoured E-liquids are wonderful at any power level, with sub ohm vapers only benefiting from the more complex recipes out there.


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