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Vanilla Custard E-Liquid

Vanilla custard has long since become the custard of choice for many bakers / dessert makers around today. Given the sheer potential of the custard, it is not a surprise to see vanilla custard the firm favourite when it comes to the yellow treat. Whether it is a simple powdered mix or handmade custard, elements of vanilla in there has really defined it as the custard of choice for many. Its popularity does not end there, with vanilla custard in various forms being used in other dessert areas such as egg custard tarts adopting vanilla to make them very special indeed. Most people have enjoyed vanilla custard even if they have never considered the flavour, but at its best it can be a truly wondrous substance.

Vanilla custard flavoured E-juices are smooth and flavourful, rich in different notes and a true custard experience. They can be as complex or as simple as they try to be, with a sweet creamy and airy base flavour or a thick complex profile. Vanilla custard flavoured E-liquids can come mixed with other intuitive notes to discover or plan to overload your senses with creamy strong flavour. Vanilla custard flavoured concentrates are wonderful as both a stand alone flavour and a basis for many other desserts. It can be added to other recipes such as desserts or ice creams to give them a more complex profile and it blends really well with almost anything. Vanilla custard flavoured E-liquids are wonderful in any vaping set up and as the flavour is great on its own, even MTL vapers will enjoy the experience.


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