Vimto is a beverage that has taken over the UK since its first inception making this one of the most popular soft drinks in the country. The flavour is created with grape, raspberries and blackcurrants with added herbs and spices. It was originally sold as a health tonic when it was invented in 1908 in a cordial form but since then it has become a carbonated popular drink. The blend of different flavours makes Vimto a very unique beverage, with the sweet fruits offset by a more balanced undertone, Deep purple in colour, both the drink and the branding make it unmistakeable and the popularity after 100 years shows just how great Vimto is.

Vimto flavoured E-juices are packed full of fruity flavours giving this profile a wonderful blend of dark berries. Vimto has some wonderful intricate notes of sweet and tart, with the overriding sweetness just finely balanced by the duller spice esq style of the body. Vimto flavoured E-liquids are accurate to the original and many may vary simply trying to perfect that unique flavour that Vimto offers in real life. Vimto flavoured concentrates are wonderful one shot style recipes. They taste really good in any vaping set up and at both MTL and sub ohm you get a lovely experience of fruit medleys that only Vimto can offer.

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