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Woodland fruits are a collection of different fruits that are classed as foresting fruits, or fruits that you find in the wild. They aren’t cultivated fruits like your oranges or apples but simply the bush grown, the ones that as a kid we picked on our great days outside. They are berries, from blackcurrants to blueberries, strawberries and even raspberry. They are sweet , bitter and all that’s in-between making their profiles very enjoyable when mixed together. The flurry of different flavours make woodland fruits a popular fruit juice as well as found in many desserts.

Woodland Fruit flavoured E-juices are explosion of different fruit flavours that all complement each other wonderfully. Whether they are the sweet highs of a strawberry or the bitter notes of a blackcurrant, these flavours can make on hell of an E-liquid. You can mix them with desserts or creams and vape them by themselves making them quite versatile. Woodland fruits flavoured concentrates are a lovely easy one shot flavour if you want some nice mixed fruit mixes that aren’t like most others. You can get creative or simply enjoy them on their own merits. Forest fruit flavoured E-liquids are great in any vaping set up so you can have a lovely blend of fruits at both MTL and sub ohm vaping.


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