Yoghurt is the dairy treat that has become a very popular food item for both health lovers and breakfast enthusiasts around the world. Not only is it a popular snack in the UK but from Mediterranean countries to America, yoghurt has become a popular breakfast accompaniment. It is made from fermenting milk using bacteria into what yoghurt actually is before adding flavouring and packaged up. yoghurt is most popular tasteless or with vanilla but you can get all sorts of different flavours from chocolate to toffee to even strawberry. Yoghurt goes really well with fruit and other sweet flavourings and it can be lovely with a savoury pastry as well for a full dessert experience.

Yoghurt flavoured E-juices are smooth and creamy, packed full of flavour yet with a cool and mild exhale. They differ from creams in a way that allows the dairy style body to offer some cream but without overtaking the other flavours mixed with it. Yoghurt flavoured E-liquids are solid flavour experiences with many different sweet or fruit notes delicately balanced on a fresh smooth bed of cream style yoghurt. They can have a huge range and even some complex flavours can incorporate pie and pastry into the body to really give an excellent profile. Yoghurt flavoured concentrates are wonderful as a building block for other flavours in your recipe and the change from a cream or custard can make a standard flavour taste so much fresher. Yoghurt flavoured E-liquids are wonderful in any vaping set up, but you will probably need a higher wattage to appreciate a full profile of this one.


Milk Boy flavour E-Liquid from Drip Hacks.