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These are Flavour Concentrates only. You will need to mix these with Vegetable Glycerine & Propylene Glycol (& Nicotine if required).

You will also need an appropriately sized bottle in which to mix. Observe recommended mixing percentages (most are 20% i.e 100ml Blue Slush will create 500ml of E-Liquid when mixed). & Steeping times (A period of time in which the E-Liquid is left to reach maximum flavour potential).

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Hackshots are exactly the same as One-Shots, just in oversized bottles (250ml) and most Hackshots contain 50ml Concentrate (which is the recommended percentage to mix at). This means you can mix everything in the bottle it comes in. As with One-Shots, you’ll need to observe the Recommended mixing percentages and Steeping times.

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Extra’s include the following:

Vegetable Glycerine & Propylene GlycolAlso Known as VG & PG, this is sometimes referred to as ‘Base Mix’ and makes up the vast majority of the E-Liquid itself.

Flava Hacks – Additives in which you can add to your E-Liquid if you desire a sweeter or colder flavour etc.

Nic Shotts – Is 10ml of Salt-Based Nicotine containing 20mg per ml (which is TPD compliant).

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Finally, A Starter Kit provides everything you need to create either 150ml or 250ml E-Liquids.

The 250ml Starter kit includes a 250ml Hackshot and is available in either 3mg/ml or 6mg/ml Nicotine Strengths.

The 150ml Starter kit includes a 30ml One-Shot and is avaiable only in 3mg/ml Nicotine Strengths.

Follow either the One-Shot or Hackshot Mixing procedure dependent on your choice.