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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop
Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

Nic salt shots by Drip Hacks. 20mg 50/50 vg/pg add to hackshots, shortfills and more

Discover our extra smooth nic salt shots in 20mg, 50/50 VG/PG, perfect for mixing into e-liquid for a smooth, strong vape with great flavour. Nic salts are a smoother alternative to freebase nicotine, vape your favourite flavours without the strong throat hit or vape at higher nicotine strengths with a faster nicotine hit. Nic Salts are absorbed more quickly by the body and are less alkaline than freebase, providing a smoother sensation in the throat that’s launched them to popularity, now the staple nicotine type on the market and the number one choice.

What are Nic Salt Shots?

Nic Salt Shots are 10ml bottles containing a nicotine solution, usually 50/50 Vg/PG and 18/20mg/ml. These are used to mix into e-liquid to create a complete e-liquid that can be used to fill tanks or drip onto drippers etc. Nic Salts are smoother and more quickly absorbed into the blood stream the freebase nicotine, making them more desirable to most whether in shot or ready mixed nic salt form. Nic Salts are by far the more common of the two types of nicotine and preferred by both DIY enthusiasts and newbies alike. The fact that salts are more readily absorbed by the body make them better suited for smokers wanting to quit as they provide a faster nicotine hit whilst also being smooth and not too harsh at high strengths.

How do I use Nic Salt Shots?

Our Nic Salt Shots are not meant to be vaped as they are – they’re designed to be added into Hackshots, Shortfills & Half Hacks. Doing so is a simple and straight forward task. You just need to remember to add the correct amount depending on your desired nicotine strength. For example: in one of our 250ml Hackshots you will need to add four nic salt shots (40ml) into the bottle along with VG and PG. This will give you a strength of 3mg/ml and 250ml of E-liquid. nic salt shot label and bottle in close up scene


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