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Oxva Xlim SE 2 Pod Vape Kit

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Oxva Xlim SE 2 Pod Vape Kit


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Product Description


A newer version of the incredibly popular Xlim series of Pod Kits, the SE 2 is a cheaper version of the Pro without the screen. This makes it a simpler version of the device but with the added feature of voice broadcasting tech which informs the user of device status as well as being user-friendly for those of impaired vision. This is a welcome feature to the world of vaping and aims to make pod kits more accessible.

The SE2 is designed for the MTL (Mouth to Lung) style of vaping and provides a power output of up to 30w – the same as the Xlim Pro. It also has the same size built-in battery of 1000mAh and is rapidly charged via the USB-C port located on the base of the device. A glittering RGB light display is also present towards the bottom of the body and is used to indicate remaining battery level in stages.

Oxva’s Xlim SE 2 has all the same features and functionality you would expect in a compact pod kit, including a large 1000mAh battery, up to 30w of maximum power, auto-draw functionality and an easily adjustable airflow. The SE 2 is a versatile vape kit and is supplied with two pods: a 0.6Ω V3 Pod and a 0.8Ω V3 Pod as well as a handy lanyard so it can be carried more easily.

The Xlim SE 2 is compatible with the Xlim platform pods in either V2 (bottom fill) or V3 (top fill)















Xlim SE 2 Functionality

The SE 2 is a user-friendly, simple device with voice broadcasting instead of a screen, ergonomic airflow control, and RGB battery life indicator and is compatible with both the V2 and V3 Xlim pods. The Xlim V3 Pods are leak-proof and do not need to be removed from the device in order to be filled.

Xlim SE 2 Control

Controlling the device is simpler than the Xlim Pro due to a lack of screen. The device has two buttons used to control the power output from 5-30w and the voice broadcasting lets you know what you’ve selected. Though no manual power setting is required as the device is capable of auto-selecting optimum power output based on the resistance of the pods installed.


As with the Xlim Pro the SE 2 is visually stunning to behold. With a unique and simple design – the body of the device features a two-tone colour gradient and a subtle metal pattern to set it apart from other devices.

RBG Lighting

The RGB light display located towards the base of the device adds a level of aesthetics as well as function. Since there is no screen, the light indicates remaining battery level as below:

  • Green Light: 100 – 60%
  • Blue Light: 60 – 20%
  • Red Light: 20 – 0%

Voice Broadcasting Technology

With emphasis on accessibility and ease-of-use, the Xlim SE 2 aims to bring a suitable device to those with limited capabilities like poor eyesight. Oxva’s innovative approach to this market in the form of voice broadcasting is unique, and one we’re happy to see. Not everyone has eyesight good enough to see a small screen clearly.

Users can control the device and receive voice notifications via a single click including updates to battery level, pod usage and power output setting. To operate, simply hold the voice button to turn on or off. Press this button once to broadcast remaining battery life.


SE 2 Key Features Summary

With a robust and ergonomic design, modern aesthetics and practicality in mind, the SE 2 could be your next device. It brings all the very best features of a pod kit into a compact and affordable package, making your vaping experience simpler and more enjoyable. The large battery makes for longer periods of vaping between charges and the unique voice broadcasting tech is an industry first for any pod kit.

  • 1000mAh built-in battery
  • Compatible with Xlim V2 and V3 Pods, as well as Oxva’s prefilled pods
  • Stylish and modern aesthetics
  • RGB Battery light
  • Voice Broadcasting Technology
  • USB-C Charging















Available Colours

Black Orange Blue
Gunmetal Blue Purple
Silver Grey Black Purple













Xlim SE 2 Precision

Oxva are now a well-known brand in the UK and enjoy a huge market share thanks to their Xlim platform vape kits and pods. Their quality control is second to none and the SE 2 is no exception. The device feels good and weighty in the hand and is clearly machined to high tolerances. With up to 30W of power from such a small device, it’s extremely capable and can satisfy both MTL & RDL vaping with ease. The classic Oxva adjustable airflow button makes control precise and simple. Enjoy the maximum potential of your E-Liquid in this stunning device in the V2 or V3 pods.

The Xlim Platform

Using the Xlim SE 2, you can enjoy the success and incredible flavour and vapour production with the compatible Xlim series pods in V2 & v3. We recommend you use Nicotine Salts in this device with high PG content – 50/50 or more. Since the device is intended for MTL vaping at lower power (up to 30W) it is most suited to thinner E-Liquid (thin E-Liquid has more Propylene Glycol in it). The coils inside the pods are also small due to the nature of the device, so they will struggle to absorb VG (Vegetable Glycerine) heavy E-Liquids.

The V2 & V3 pods are available in different resistances so you have the choice depending on your preference of power, flavour and vapour ouput. Opt for the lower resistance pods if you prefer a slightly warmer vape with more power, or go for higher resistance coils if you prefer a tighter, colder draw.

V3 – Top fill Pods

  • 0.4Ω – RDL Vaping offering a stronger throat hit
  • 0.6Ω – RDL Vaping offering a stronger throat hit
  • 0.8Ω – MTL Vaping offering a medium to strong throat hit
  • 1.2Ω – MTL Vaping offering a reduced throat hit

V2 – Side-filling

  • 0.6Ω – RDL Vaping offering a stronger throat hit
  • 0.8Ω – MTL Vaping offering a medium to strong throat hit
  • 1.2Ω – MTL Vaping offering a reduced throat hit














Device Specifications

  • Dimensions: 24.2 x 14.0 x 112.7mm
  • Weight: 44.5g
  • Output Power: 5 – 30w
  • Resistance range: 0.4 – 1.2Ω
  • XLIM Pod Capacity: 2 ml TPD compliant
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • 5V/1A, Type-C USB Charging














Kit Contents:

  • Xlim SE 2 Battery device
  • 1 x Xlim V3 0.6Ω Top-fill pod cartridge (pre-installed)
  • 1 x Xlim V3 0.8Ω Top-fill pod cartridge
  • 1 x Type-C USB charging cable
  • 1 x Lanyard
  • User Manual



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