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Honeydew Melon E Liquid – (Honeymelon Ice) Pocket Salt

A luscious blend of ripe & succulent Honeydew Melon with a refreshing touch of koolada – Pocket Salt – 10ml


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Honeydew melon E Liquid Nic Salts in 10mg & 20mg

Honeymelon Ice Vape Juice nic salts

A succulent Honeydew melon vape juice nic salt available in 10 & 20mg. Melon flavour E Liquids are highly sought after due to their pleasant and mildly tropical flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. The Pocket Salts Honeymelon Ice replicates the favourite Honeydew Melon profile with very high accuracy so if you’re looking for an authentic melon flavour E Liquid, this one ticks all the boxes! Developed on the back of years of flavour research, trial and error and feedback, this 10ml nic salt is a winner and proving to be a favourite in the Pocket Salt range of 10ml nic salts.

Available in 10mg and 20mg making it a perfect vape juice for Pod Salts and MTL kits alike. Pair with the Voopoo Argus G for a next-level vape experience, smooth nicotine, strong and juicy melon flavour with a slight cooling hit and hassle free vaping.

Manufactured in the UK by Drip Hacks & The Flavour Smiths

Made during a collaboration between two sister companies renowned for their work in authentic and strong flavours, Honeymelon Ice brings an unparalleled flavour experience to your vape. Crafted in-house from the ground up using responsibly sourced ingredients, this Honeydew Melon E Liquid brings exactly what you’d expect to the world of vaping: Honeydew Melon in a bottle. Simply fill your device with Honeymelon Ice nic salts and you’ll taste a likeness of real Honeydew Melon you won’t find elsewhere.

Choose between 10mg and 20mg Nic Salts perfect for all Pod vapes and MTL kits 

A proprietary sweetener blend developed by the Flavour Smiths and a unique Nicotine Salt make Honeymelon Ice a truly unique flavour with authenticity and smoothness at the forefront of it’s characteristics. Available in both 10 & 20mg you can choose between the most popular strengths for nic salts and vape the markets only truly unique honeydew melon e liquid nic salts. Designed for pod vapes and MTL kits – Honeymelon Ice Pocket Salts are 50/50 Vg/Pg for rapid absorption by low power Pod kit coils. This ensures a nice and smooth vape experience with no burning – just beautiful honeydew melon E liquid as it should be.

What is Nicotine Salt and how does it compare to Freebase Nicotine? 

Nicotine salts are just Freebase Nicotine with the addition of an Acid to reduce the overall Ph, providing a smoother vape and reduced harshness on the throat as is classic with Freebase Nicotine. Nic Salts juice also provide a quicker nicotine hit as they’re more readily absorbed by the body’s blood stream, making them better suited to low power devices like Pod vapes and MTL kits.

Pocket Salts range by Drip Hacks

The Pocket Salts range of 10ml Nic Salts provides the best E Liquid flavours in nic salts available and on a budget. These are also available as part of our massively successful “Disposable Killer Kit” for a complete vape setup including device, pods and nic salts juice. The 10ml range of Pocket Salts ensures compactness, practicality, flavour strength and value.

How to use a Nic Salt

Using a Nic Salt is very simple and if you’ve ever vaped before then you’ll probably already know: simply remove the cap and insert into the filling hole on your device (always refer to manufacturers instructions), squeeze sufficient liquid and close fill hole, replacing the lid on your 10ml Honeydew Melon E Liquid Nic salt. Easy!

Flavour Profile:- Honeydew Melon with just a hint of cooling



  • 10ml TPD Compliant Nicotine Salt.
  • 2%, 20mg/ml OR 1%, 10mg/ml AT 50/50 VG/PG.
  • Peel and reveal label.
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Koolada WS-23

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