What made Elf Bars and elf bar flavours so successful?

The incredible and overwhelming success of Elf Bars and elf bar flavours now so prolific in eliquids is the result of various things which we’ll go through in this post. Elf Bars became so successful due to one simple fact: marketing. They weren’t the first disposable vapes, far from it – but their aggressive approach to marketing saw them launch into the spotlight and utterly dominate the market. Since the conception of vaping, the available devices including tanks, mods, pods etc became more and more complicated, something that put a lot of people off. In fact, in the early days when the market was in its infancy, you had to know about ohms law!

Eventually someone figured out that this was a limiting factor in the growth of the market and launched a disposable vape which had none of the proverbial strings attached. The concept was as simple as it gets: simply inhale. That’s it, no ohms law, no coils, no battery charging etc. This caught on quickly and the introduction of the Elf Bar onto the scene caused rapid and unprecedented growth and with it a list of societal and environmental issues that our government is currently looking at, through a microscope.

Elf Bars did so well in short due to simple convenience. You may have heard the saying: convenience is king and In this case it’s a demonstrable assertion.

elf bar and elf bar flavours

Why are elf bar flavours different?

In short, they’re not. Not really. What makes elf bar flavours so popular is the format in which they’re sold and the incredible success they’ve enjoyed. Elf Bar decided to go down the simple route which just made sense for them: “If we’re selling a simple product, why not sell a simple flavour?” This was a great move for Elf Bar and now the market is utterly saturated with elf bar flavours in other disposables as well as nic salts, concentrates, pretty much every form of eliquid you can imagine.

The advent of simple flavours usually mixed with koolada ws-23 and mega sweet amidst a market filled with complicated, full on flavour profiles made there disposables stand out from the rest. Not only are the flavours simple, the nicotine hit from an elf bar is smooth, very smooth. This is something we at Drip Hacks have had a great time investigating and we’ve nailed the same effect in our Pocket Salts. It’s a proprietary Nicotine blend not really used much in the industry yet so we’re confident in pushing our nic salts everywhere.

The running theme with elf bar flavours seems to be one to two fruit flavours, extra sweetener and koolada ws-23. This formula is nothing new however, it just needed a new format and the backing of a marketing powerhouse to get it into peoples hands.

Are elf bar flavours bad for you?

Like any eliquid, it’s worse than not vaping, though it’s is more than likely better than smoking due to some known factors like lack of tar, carcinogens etc. The UK adopted the EUs TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) many years ago and though we’re no longer in it, we kept it. The reasons to keep it were good as it enforced a string of standards to which nicotine containing liquid is beholden to. Considering this and the law regarding the availability of nicotine on the market, it is safe to say that elf bar flavours are no worse or better than any other disposable vape or nic salts, eliquid etc.

Elf Bar flavour Mango Disposable Vape in Pocket

Should I vape elf bar flavours?

Elf bars and other disposables have done one good thing: they’ve been more successful in converting smokers into vapers than any other single device in the history of the industry. This is great as it means tobacco is now very much on decline. However, they’re also doing some terrible damage to our environment. Disposable vapes are thrown in the bin once the battery or coil dies, they are not recycled. According to the government, approximately 3 million devices are finding their way into our landfill sites every week! Rare earth metals, plastics and more are simply discarded and left to sit amongst other non recyclables and will likely stay there for thousands of years if not more.

While elf bar flavours can be enticing, one must consider the damage they will do to the environment that is long-lasting, far past our lifetime.

What alternative to elf bars is there?

The good news is that disposables are not the only method to vape, and never have been. In fact they’re the newest form of vaping there is. You can still enjoy elf bar flavours without actually using an elf bar. The market is now trending towards pod style vapes and nic salts, which is excellent news for our environment, so long as disposable sales decrease dramatically. As previously mentioned, the market is now rife with elf bar flavours in nic salts which can be vaped in pod kits like the Argus Z or the OXVA Xlim.

If you’re looking for elf bar flavours in nic salt format, try our Pocket Salts, specially formulated for use in pod vapes like the above. our flavours very closely mimic the smoothness and strength of an elf bar flavour.