With the incredible success of the Elf Bar 600 comes the brand new and improved Elf Bar 600 V2, utilising a new coil technology dubbed QUAQ and a two-tone metallic finish to the devices body, the 600 V2 offers a new and stylish addition to the disposable market. Perhaps a surprising release by the disposable giant, the new Elf Bar 600 V2 seeks to reignite the proverbial flame that is the disposable sensation. In light of recent media backlash due to the environmental and societal problems that disposable vapes have caused, pod vapes like the Oxva Xlim Pro have sky-rocketed in popularity.

The Disposable market is still very much alive with many people opting for them over more sustainable options simply due to convenience. The average disposable user is simply in it because it works to keep them from smoking. Smoking is simple and easy to do, and vaping should be too at least if it’s going to be effective in stopping people from smoking. The one good thing that Elf Bar have managed is to convert more people than any other brand in the history of the industry.

The new Elf Bar and QUAQ Coil Technology

The new coil technology employed by their latest device offers improved flavour, vapour and life over the original 600 model. A “smoother” draw is also cited as one of the many benefits to the new model.

Benefits summarised:

  • Increased vapour output
  • Increased flavour production
  • Smoother draw
  • Potential for increased life from the device.

What is a vape coil and is it important?

Vape Coils are the components that produce the vapour in a vape device whether it’s a disposable or a Sub Ohm mod, so the answer is yes – vape coils are extremely important! A vape coil is essentially a resistance wire made into a particular shape in order to allow the absorption of E Liquid to be heated and converted into a vapour. Coils come in many different forms from complicated, high surface area builds for Sub Ohm Mods to small mesh coils surrounded by a wicking material which is usually cotton.

Disposable Vapes like the Elf Bar V2 feature a coil which cannot be replaced as the whole device is designed to be thrown away once the battery dies, or the E liquid capacity has depleted.

The Original Elf Bar provided a surprisingly good vape with exceptional flavour quality, so it’s exciting to learn that this will be improved upon with the new model using the QUAQ coil technology.

Elf Bar’s QUAQ Coil Technology

Elf Bar have opted for the new QUAQ coil technology in their latest release, a type of coil already in use inside some Lost Mary disposable devices. This new coil technology uses a mesh-type coil providing a large surface area for optimum and even heating of E liquid. The coil is shaped like a tube and is positioned vertically within the device, surrounded by a non-woven meshing material which offers rapid absorption of E Liquid to mitigate any burning from hot spots. The QUAQ Coil is made from SUS304, a well known grade of Stainless Steel often used in medical applications for it’s ability to withstand corrosion by various substances.

The new QUAQ coil technology offers an incredibly smooth draw and a rich flavour experience thanks to it’s design and use of high-quality materials. The mesh build uses a high gauge resistance wire (very thin) to help provide a more consistent flavour and even heating of the E Liquid held by the surrounding wicking medium.


Success of the QUAQ Coil Technology

The QUAQ Coil technology has been used in the industry prior to the pending release of the Elf Bar 600 V2 and it’s success is evident. Lost Mary and their QM600 also utilises this particular coil technology and the device has risen rapidly in popularity over the past year thanks to it’s excellent flavour and vapour production. The fact that the coil delivers a consistently excellent vaping experience is also a major factor in it’s success – vapers will go back to a device time and time again if it offers them a consistently good experience. The Elf Bar 600 seemed to hit a nerve with the general public (in a good way) and so it is obvious that Elf Bar manufacture a good quality product. Any improvements made to an already excellent product will surely push the V2 to new heights.

Is a QUAQ coil different to other types of vape coils?

Coils differ greatly depending on their intended device, power output, wicking style etc but they all do the same thing: heat E Liquid to produce vapour. But what matters is HOW the coil heats the E Liquid. If a coil doesn’t heat the liquid evenly, it can produce a burning taste as one part of the coil overheats and burns the wick. If the coil doesn’t have a great enough surface area to rapidly atomise the E Liquid, then it may not produce enough vapor and will simply heat the liquid or cause “spitting”.

QUAQ Coil technology combines a series of great builds to produce a mesh coil with high gauge wire and a great surface area, surrounded by a highly absorbent wick. Above all, a QUAQ coil provides CONSISTENCY – and as the saying goes, consistency is key. As the reservoir of E liquid within the device depletes, the flavour production remains the same.