If you are not a long time customer, visiting the Drip Hacks site can be a daunting experience for some. With so much variety of flavours available, where do you start? One of the most common questions we get asked here at Drip Hacks is what flavours are popular? We make everything from dessert to sweet, tobacco to fruit and anything in-between all designed to give you, the vaper the very best choice of excellent flavours. When we combine this with a fantastic price for all of our flavours, you can see why vapers keep voting for us in all the awards each year, we aim to provide excellent value for money and a flavour unparalleled with any other. So much so that our flavour range just keeps growing each and every month with the introduction of new ranges, new flavour of the month and even seasonal flavours such as our current Christmas range. So what we wanted to do here at Drip Hacks is to take you through some of our most popular flavours on the website, as chosen by Drip Hacks customers. Some of them may surprise you in the face of what we have on offer but these are the flavours that fly off the shelves more than any other and have been mainstays in the Drip Hacks selection for a long time now. If you are stuck for a new flavour to try or simply want to dip your toe in the Drip Hacks waters, we have you covered.

All of these flavours come in a variety of different options depending on what you are after. We sell them in a 50 mil shortfill for that ready made taste, in concentrates to make your own, hack shots if you want simplicity of mixing or a full blown starter kit with everything you need. Not only do we provide great value but we aim to offer choice to suit all types of vapers.

So join us here at Drip Hacks as we take a took at the top 10 flavours that we have to offer, as chosen for, by you the vapers.

Blue Slush

A ripe blue raspberry candy slush, Sweet, just like the real thing.

What better place to start than our famous Blue Slush flavour, the simple yet oh so delicious take on the popular summer time treat. Great in the summer or an all year round reminder of the weather to come, Blue Slush has reigned number 1 in our popular list for quite some time now. Combining notes of blue raspberry with a sweet undertone, Blue Slush is both light and fruity, it is sweet and very more-ish without the added freeze effect that most others throw in. It is great on coils and in a starter kit, will last for ages. With 32 reviews giving this one a 4.8 out of 5, vapers love this Blue Slush and often say it is the best on the market. If you have never tried it before, it is well worth a buy. A flavour that combines a fruity and sweet taste so beautifully, this one could well be your next all day vape.

Winter Cherry

A sweet blend of Cherry and Fruit with a menthol throat hit, just like a cough sweet.

Next up in our list is one of the most surprising yet enjoyable flavours we have, Winter Cherry. The name makes you think of some exotic Christmas dessert yet you would be far from the truth on this as it tastes exactly like the popular cough sweet. With a strong cherry base that is sweet and fruity, it blends into a delicious cool undertone that is both mouth watering and refreshing. The flavour is bold, constant and most importantly enjoyable to the extent that this one has a 4.9 out of 5 in our customer review base. Whether you want a flavour that is cool or something to keep the dreaded vapers tongue at bay, Cherry Winter is all that and more, as it performs excellent on coils meaning you will have that excellent cool cherry flavour for even longer than you really should.

Cryo Mango

Our perfectly sweet and natural Mango with a powerful Koolada hit, this is a must have!

One of the most popular vaping flavours in the last 2 years for anyone has been mango and Drip Hacks took that idea and turned it up to 11 with a mango experience like none other. Packed full of juicy and sweet mango, with added little natural notes that really bring the flavour to life. It fills your taste buds with a little taste of the exotic and leaves your mouth watering for more. What makes this flavour come alive is the lovely cool aftertaste that takes this mango from a plain and fruity experience to a fantastic all day vape one instead. With a fruity inhale and combining that with a blast of our cryo experience, it will both satisfy and wake up your taste buds at the same time. It is a fantastic go to flavour in the summer or just when you want that fruity mind blowing experience that you can’t get anywhere else. With a 4.9 in our reviews, this one is a real treat and you have to act fast because this one is always in danger of selling out.

Acid Drop

A luscious fruit blend of kiwi, grapefruit, woodland fruits and melons with a refreshing touch of koolada

What started out as a flavour of the month and popular demand made it stay, Acid Drop is one of the most uniquely delicious flavours on the market and it is no surprise it makes it into our top 10. Its flavour profile is like not much else with the wonderfully blended fruits offering a compliment of tangy and sweet notes that leave your tongue feeling alive. The sweet woodland fruits and melon balance fantastically with the tangy kiwi and grapefruit offer a very special fruit experience that many have tried to copy but have never succeeded. When your mouth is trying to process all of the wonderful fruit flavours, it then gives way to a mild yet cool exhale that compliments this flavour delightfully. Acid Drop is an experience like none other and it really is a tasting is believing flavour, one vape and you will be hooked to it’s halcyon days flashbacks that are joyful and yet innocent. Great from the get go and even better with a steep, this fruit medley of flavours comes in with a 4.9 out of five from vapers, ever growing its reputation as one of the best fruit flavours on the market today.


An absolute favourite, this flavour is a blend of delectable fruits with an aniseed and koolada sensation

You will have heard of the most famous flavour on the market today, a reference to the popular show Breaking Bad, everyone has their own take on it yet Drip Hacks just does it better than anyone else. Experts at Drip Hacks labs wanted to take the extremely famous flavour and do something like no-one else to really make it come to life, Heisenblezzard was soon then born. A flavour that is roundly unique in the world of vaping, the mix of fruits and aniseed is detectable by any vaper, with a strong taste and a flavour experience like nothing else, so we made it that little bit better. Using berries, blue raspberry and maybe even more (we will never tell), the fruit experience is both mild and sweet with the different elements combining fantastically to create a taste that you will fall in love with. Blended with an aniseed touch, the fruits play off the alternating tones to become distinctive and sharp leaving you with a flavour to really blow your socks off. We had to take it one step further though and the strong and distinct elements give way to a lovely cool exhale to turn this experience into a refreshing one, leaving one last special feeling on your tongue. At a 4.9 rating, this one can be your all day vape as it is for many others, it stands the test of time and forever shall it knock.

Massive Melons

A new Flavour in the Drip Hacks range – Massive Melons. Juicy Melons both cool and refreshing!

Onto the next one in our list and a fairly new addition but by no means any less special, Massive Melons has burst onto the scene and flew off the shelves in equal excitement. Taking a basic fruit flavour and combining it into something truly wonderful, Massive Melons is very much one of the most hyped up flavours in recent months all around the vaping communities. Taking a combination of honeydew and watermelon tones, washed away with a lovely cool after vape experience, this one is a delicious taste experience. Taking two very basic fruit flavours, we managed to make their notes and tones compliment each other to the extent that our reviews were begging for it to stay in our range. The sweet and smooth honeydew is blended together with the deeper and bolder watermelon to let your taste buds flow between the two in such a wonderful way. Whether you get the honey dew or the watermelon on your inhale, the flavour will shift between the two each and every time offering a whole new vaping experience to leave you wanting more. Another massive 4.9 in our reviews, why not try Massive Melons today and see why everyone in the vaping world is talking about this new flavour?

Blood of Vikings

Another staple of the Drip Hacks family, this deliciously rich rhubarb and custard will leave you wanting more!

Moving onto our most popular dessert flavour we have and it has earned this title in a weary battle across time, defeating each drengr it has encountered along the way. Blood of Vikings is a flavour that sounds as plain as they come yet its expertly blended flavours and tones have left this still awaiting the halls of Valhalla as it lives to fight on month after month, year after year. A Rhubarb and Custard flavour like no other available, the simplicity is matched with complexity that brings it to life in such a way you will be left feeling like raising your axe in celebration after each and every taste. Blood of Vikings blends the tart and bitter rhubarb in an authentic flavour and combines it with an excellent creamy custard base that balances this beautifully to make it very more-ish and a fantastic all day vape. The sweet and tart notes in this flavour is something truly worth experiencing and whether it reminds you of being at home as a kid or those nights out watching the leaves fall in good company, it is almost guaranteed Blood of Vikings will be a flavour you come back to again and again. This has a massive 5 out of 5 review after all this time for good reason, so why not try a bottle today?

Jotuns Wrath

A fierce freeze of blueberry with a citrus and menthol punch. Sweet and Refreshing

Next up we have a flavour that is a giant in every sense of the word with a flavour experience that is almost superhuman in its quality. Jotuns Wrath is a flavour that can be light and cool or strong and dominating on the taste buds which makes it one of our most popular flavours we have. No longer a mythical experience, Jotuns Wrath blends blueberry and citrus in a way that will leave your taste buds dying for more. A sweet and florally blueberry is matched up perfectly with a sharp and tart citrus flavour that perfectly balances each other, offering unique flavour experiences on your taste buds. The exhale gives way to a lovely cool menthol finish whilst the fruit flavours wrap around your tongue like two entities forever locked in an eternal battle. Jotuns Wrath combines the light and sweet elements in a perfect harmony offering no more of each other and the mentholy exhale just amplifies this flavour to a new height. Rated at 5 stars, this flavour is in your destiny to pick up and try.


An incredibly rich Butterscotch Custard with notes of vanilla and meringue. If you thought Creméux was rich and decadent then prepare to be delighted

Next up we have a flavour that proves time ad time again it just gets better with age, a perfectly blended flavour that just literally keeps getting better and better. Butterboy is a flavour that has really cemented its place among the very best Drip Hacks has to offer and it is with no surprise, this really does offer an amazing flavour. A body filled with butterscotch and custard, this one is smooth, flavourful and very enjoyable whilst combining two flavours that are a match made in heaven. The buttery and brown sugar sweetened Butterscotch is a lovely body to a creamy and rich custard base that carries its flavour from the start to the end in an enjoyable way. However what really brings this flavour to life is the little notes of vanilla and meringue that just pop off your taste buds and really give this custard flavour a whole new take on the plain old desserty style. We recommend a long steep with this one for a good reason, it is a flavour that turns from a boy into a man, becoming richer and creamier as each week passes by. A very popular flavour by hobbyists who enjoy the more complex of flavours, Butterboy is not like anything else you will have experienced before but by the time the bottle is empty, you will already be reaching for your next one.

Pink Boy

A flavour of the month that you chose to stay. A classic refreshing blend of ripe raspberries and crisp lemonade

Finally we will end on a simple yet very enjoyable flavour that takes the taste of summer all year round. Pink Boy is a straight forward flavour combining two simple fruity tastes but blends them so well that you would be mistaken for vaping the real thing. The name pink boy represents the type of drink that it replicates with a lovely helping of both Lemonade and Raspberry flavours that are sweet and tart, but perfectly balanced. Offering an extremely strong and fruity raspberry experience that is almost authentic in its approach, it fills your mouth full of sweet notes from the off, making this bold and packed full of flavour. The exhale really brings it to life as the background notes of citrus from the lemonade and pink lemonade really come to life and flow into a beautiful taste experience that leaves you refreshed and coming back for more. Without the cool aftertaste that others offer, Pink Boy comes into its own with the fruity and citrusy blends within the vape experience that is packed full of little notes that are sweet and yet delicious. As a drink style flavour, it is overwhelmingly popular with vapers with a rating of 4.7 stars. If you want a lemonade experience like nothing else on the market, be sure to pick this one up.