Unboxing & First Impressions

Upon opening the box we were pleasantly surprised to see very high quality packaging. It’s displayed well in it’s conservative box and the device even has a protective film with instructions printed on it. For a pod kit, that’s always a great sign.


Initial impressions are great – high quality yet conservative packaging. Well done Vaporesso!


Sleek Presentation with strong branding.


Well displayed contents with everything you need to get started.

Vaporesso-Xros-Pro with protective film

The device itself with protective film and instructions printed.

The Vaporesso Xros Pro vape kit is the newest device in the incredibly successful Xros series. The original Xros and the Xros 3 mini became wildly popular due to their simplicity, form and quality – winning a host of awards as voted by vapers. This article is an in-depth review of the Xros Pro, how it holds up against it’s predecessors and an analysis of the claims made by Vaporesso regarding it’s features and technology.

Who are Vaporesso?


Vaporesso are one of the biggest vape brands for hardware and have a long history of successful devices under their belt, as well as a solid reputation for innovation and quality. With the Xros series currently being their best selling platform, we were more than a little excited to get our hands on the newest edition considering it’s got some interesting upgrades in terms of technology and features.

What is the Xros Pro?


The Xros Pro by Vaporesso is a pod vape kit. Pod kits are designed to be simple, user-friendly and to provide a vaping experience similar to disposables without the single-use nature, meaning they’re fully rechargeable and refillable: ultimately a much greener solution to your nicotine demands and one we’re more than happy to recommend to smokers and those hooked on Elf Bars.

Who is the Xros Pro for?


The Xros Pro is a device meant for all vapers, with emphasis on those currently using disposable vapes. It’s designed to provide an easy experience and a “plug & play” style setup. It’s a versatile vape kit which accepts various coils to provide an array of styles from MTL (Mouth to Lung) and RDL (Restricted Direct to Lung). The coils are pre-installed in the pods and are magnetically attached to the device to make vaping as simple as possible but just a few steps away from single-use convenience.

What do Vaporesso Claim About the Xros Pro?


As is pretty much always the case, the manufacturer make some bold claims about their latest hardware so we wanted to be the first to check this so you know what to expect from it. in an unbiased way. The main item in the list of claims we wanted to discover for ourselves was “The First Super Pulse Pod System”.

Firstly: what is meant by “Super Pulse”?

Interestingly, Vaporesso don’t elaborate on what this means, at least on their page for the Xros Pro, though some quick googling will tell you via this page. Essentially, super pulse is a sine wave power output mode which switches the power on and off very quickly – just like an AC current. The Axon chip used in the Xros Pro will pulse power through the coil every 0.02s which apparently provides a more consistent hit and improved flavour.

Does “Super Pulse” live up to it’s claims? 

We think there is a difference between the Xros Pro and previous version in the Xros family, so it seems the claim is true. However, we’re not 100% sure if the Xros Pro is actually the first device to employ this kind of technology. They claim it’s the first Pod Kit, but the Puremax SX Mini by Yihi also has this power feature and it’s proving difficult to find out which was first to the market.

The Xros Pro features an automatic power selection mode, so it will choose optimum power depending on the pod you install on it. The means you can ignore the power output and let the device decide for you. It works very well and makes using the device even easier.

Xros Pro Aesthetics & Ergonomics


As can be expected by Vaporesso, the Xros Pro is a stunning device with a good marriage between form & function, something we feel Vaporesso have always been good at. Check out our article on the best vape brands to see an in-depth comparison of the best brands.

The Xros Pro is slightly heavier and a little bit bigger than previous models and this is no surprise given the current direction of the market towards more feature-rich devices. It’s available in a really eye-catching choice of colours with some being two-tone patterned variations.

The power button sits on the main face of the body and it slightly textured by raised concentric circles which makes it stand out from the smooth body. The screen is placed lower on the device and is seamless so it doesn’t detract from the overall appearance. The body itself features the standard Xros shape with one side being tapered down from the top to add some extra style and uniqueness.

The now-industry standard pod airflow button sits to the side of the device and is sufficiently secure to stop inadvertent adjustments.

Is the Xros Pro Easy to Use?


YES. As with all pod kits, it’s designed to be simple. Despite the host of features it provides, it still operates just as easily as previous models so don’t let the tech-jargon put you off. In simple terms, the pod needs to be filled with E-Liquid and the button needs to be pressed – that’s really all there is to it. The screen, airflow control and the Super Pulse power output are just nice added extras which help to elevate the device.

If you’re not familiar with pod kits by now, we give you a demonstration of how to setup & use the device below:


Charging the Xros Pro

Simply insert the USB-C Cable (supplied) into the charging port on the base on the device. Charging takes 35 minutes and the integrated screen shows battery level.


How to Refill the Xros Pro Pods

Simply remove the mouthpiece on top of the pod, insert the nozzle of your chosen E-Liquid into the fill port and squeeze gently until full (2ml max). Ensure you leave the pod for a minute to ensure the coil is saturated to prevent dry hits.


Activating the Xros Pro

Press the power button 5 times in rapid succession in order to switch the device on.

Selecting Power Mode

Press the power button 3 times in rapid succession in order to cycle through power modes.

Which Xros Pro Pod is the best?


The Xros Pro vape kit accepts any pod in the Xros family (as well as 2 new and xros pro exclusive pods) so you have much to choose from. Each pod has a different resistance to provide a slightly different vaping experience and we break them down below so it’s easy for you to choose.

0.4Ω 0.5Ω 0.6Ω 0.8Ω 1.0Ω 1.2Ω
Recommended Power 30W 25W 21W 16W 12W 10W
Recommended VG/PG Ratio 70/30 50/50 – 70/30 50/50 50/50 50/50 50/50


MTL = Mouth To Lung – This is a tighter draw more akin to disposables and cigarettes

RDL = Direct To Lung – This is less restricted than MTL and you can inhale straight to your lungs

Should I Buy the Vaporesso Xros Pro?

The short answer is yes. It’s just about one of the best pod kits on the market right now and ticks all the boxes you’d expect. It feels good in the hand, it produces excellent flavour and it’s reliable. Since the release of Oxva’s Xlim Pro, it’s been difficult to imagine how pod kits might get better, but Vaporesso have managed to do just that. Yes, before you ask… we think the Xros Pro is better than the Xlim Pro.

Whether you’re new to vaping and want to explore how it can help you quit, or if you’re an advanced vaper looking for a more pocket-friendly option for when you’re out and about, the Xros Pro delivers on all fronts.

Xros Pro Frequently Asked Questions

The Xros Pro is an intuitive vape kit device which essentially means you can take it straight out of the box, fill the pod with nicotine and simply vape. The automatic power selection mode combined with instructions printed on the protective film ensure you’re properly informed of it’s use. However there are still some important questions to answer and we have them all right here.

The Xros Pro is suitable for use with 50/50 E-Liquids as is the case with most pod kits, though the 0.4Ohm coil can also handle slightly thicker E-Liquids and you may find it works with 70/30 Vg/Pg.

To turn it on, simply press the firing button 5 times in rapid succession – you should see the screen come on and display power setting.

The LED light located beneath the OLED screen indicates remaining battery level. Green indicates at least 70% remaining, Blue indicates 30 – 70% and red indicates less than 30%
The Xros Pro charges in as little as 35 minutes using the provided USB-C cable. Use of the Eco mode will provide a longer period of use between charges as will lower power settings. The OLED screen also shows how many minutes of charge remain when it’s plugged in.

There’s a great many brands of E-Liquid that have been created to taste just like disposables but if you’re after value for money and authentic flavour, check out our Crystalize range of E-Liquids, or read our article on the range for more information.

Use the locking button placed on the side of the device in order to lock it. Doing this means you can securely leave it in your pocket or handbag without worry of it firing inadvertently.