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Aspire Minican Replacement Pods

Aspire Minican Replacement Pods Pack of 2


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Minican Replacement Pods by Aspire (2 Pack)

Aspire’s reputation for quality, consistency and innovation is second to none and their replacement pods & coils are no exception. The Aspire Minican replacement pods feature the latest materials and technology to provide the best flavour and vapour available with excellent longevity (coil life). Suitable for the Minican family of devices including the Minican 3 Pro, the 2ml replacement pods offer great capacity whilst providing an MTL (Mouth to Lung) style vape.

Designed to provide a similar sensation to that of disposables and cigarettes, the airflow on the minican pods is tight and are best suited to E-Liquid with a Vg/Pg ratio of 50/50. Refilling your Minican replacement pods is simple, just locate the rubber stopper on the bottom of the pod and remove it – insert the nozzle of your E-Liquid and squeeze gently to fill, ensuring you don’t overfill to avoid leaking and potential liquid ingress to the device itself.

 Advanced Mesh Coils

As is standard on todays devices, the Minican Replacement Pods contain pre-installed coils of a mesh structure which absorbs the E-Liquid more readily and heats it more evenly. This is in-line with disposable vapes and it helps to produce a more crisp flavour and a general improvement to your vaping experience. Mesh coils also last longer than the traditional single strand helical coils of many years ago. Read all about mesh coils in our article on the subject here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What device are the Minican Replacement pods compatible with?

These pods are compatible with all devices in the Minican family of pod kits which includes:

  • Minican 4
  • Minican 3 Pro
  • Minican 3
  • Minican 2
  • Minican +
  • Minican

What E-Liquid can I use with the Minican pods?

We recommend using E-LIquid with a Vg/Pg ratio of 50/50 with these pods due to the MTL nature of the airflow. Nicotine Salts are designed to work perfectly with such pods but remember to choose your nicotine strength according to your needs.

Are these pods leak-proof?

The rubber stopper on the bottom face of the pods provides a leak-proof seal. Take care when refilling as liquid can run out of the pod if you overfill.

How long will one of these pods last?

This depends on various factors such as the type of E-Liquid you use and how frequently you take puffs. The sweeter the liquid, the shorter the lifespan of the pod, and the same goes for usage; the more you use it, the shorter it’s life will be. Though you should be able to refill the pod many times before it needs to be replaced.

What’s the capacity of these pods?

Aspire Minican replacement pods have a capacity of 2ml, in-line with UK TPD regulations.

Pack Contents:

  • 2 x Replacement Pods for the Minican family of devices

Note: When filling your pod with E-Liquid of your choice, ensure you leave the pod to stand for at least a minute so the wicking medium can properly saturate so as to avoid burning while vaping.



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Replacement Pods & Coils


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