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Smok Novo X Pod Kit


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Smok Novo X Pod Kit

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Product Description

Introducing Smok’s super-successful Pod Kit – the Novo X. It’s small and compact design makes it a perfect “stealth vape” for those looking to vape without a handful. This pod device competes with the likes of the Voopoo Argus G, Argus Z and the Oxva Xlim Pro – all excellent devices for MTL style vaping.

The Novo X is an excellent competitor offering hassle-free vaping with no buttons or setup – simply inhale on the mouthpiece and you’ll get your flavoured nicotine.

Smok Novo X Performance

The Novo X provides a vaping sensation similar to that of smoking a cigarette with it’s limited airflow (Mouth to Lung), draw-activation & increased battery capacity of 800mAh allows users to vape for longer periods between charges which is always a great selling point for any pod kit, not to mention it also charges very quickly.

What’s more is that the Novo X has a built in crystal-clear display and variable wattage for extra control and fine-tuning, allowing you to reach your desired power level to customise your experience easily.

Smok Novo X Pods

The Smok Novo X pods deliver a strong and rich flavour from any 50/50 Vg/Pg E Liquid and is best paired with Nicotine Salts for an exceptionally smooth vaping experience aking to the very best pod kits available. This kit is supplied with 2 pods which are refillable and replaceable for a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to single-use vapes like the Elf Bar 600.

Once your coil reaches the end of it’s life (you’ll notice the taste becoming burnt or less flavoursome) simply discard responsibly and replace with a new coil.

Available for the Smok Novo X:

  • Novo X DC 0.8 Ohm MTL Pod
  • Novo X Meshed 0.8 Ohm MTL Pod
  • Novo X Clear Pod DC 0.8 Ohm MTL
  • Novo X Clear Pod (Meshed 0.8 Ohm MTL)

Novo-X-Meshed-0.8-Ohm-MTL-Pod Novo-X-DC-0.8-Ohm-MTL-Pod Novo-X-Clear-Meshed-0.8-Ohm-MTL-Pod Novo-X-Clear-DC-0.8-Ohm-MTL-Pod









Can I use the Novo X as an alternative to disposables?

This pod kit is an excellent alternative to disposable vapes as it provides a similar experience with it’s simple setup and inhale-to-activate design. Paired with great aesthetics and excellent performance from such a compact kit, we recommend this device to anyone looking to make the switch.

One of the many benefits to pod kits over disposables is the freedom to choose your E Liquid in terms of nicotine strength and  flavour. Tip: stick to 50/50 Vg/Pg E Liquids with Pod kits.

Not only do pod kits provide a simple function, they’re also incredible value for money compared with disposables. The initial investment may be higher but any pod kit will outlast a disposable by a long way so the savings will be seen very quickly. If you’re hooked on Elf Bar flavours, try pairing this device with the Elfliq E liquids which provide the same great flavour for use in any refillable pod kit.

Crystalize Longfills

Want to take your Novo X to the next level in terms of flavour and value? Look no further. Using a Pod Kit and nic salts instead of disposables is an easy win and you’ll save a huge amount of money doing so. You’re also able to experience some of the strongest and most authentic flavours out there by picking up one of our Crystalize Longfills.

What is a Crystalize Longfill? 

A Crystalize Longfill is a 120ml bottle containing the flavour only – sold in kits along with the required nicotine to mix them at 10mg. Simply add all 6 Nic shotts to the 120ml bottle and shake well before filling your pod. We developed these flavours to perfectly replicate a disposable in terms of flavour strength and sweetness using a proprietary blend of sweeteners to ensure maximum coil longevity.

Using a Longfill is an excellent way to get the most out of your Smok Novo X Pod kit and will save you a huge amount of money, as well as allowing you to stick with your pod kit and experience extra strong bar style flavours.

Smok Novo X Contents:















How to refill a Smok Novo X Pod

Refilling the pods supplied with the kit is very simple.

  • Step 1 – Remove the pod from the battery
  • Step 2 – Pull out the rubber plug and insert E Liquid bottle nozzle, gently squeezing to fill the tank
  • Step 3 – replace the rubber plug and allow the coil some time to become saturated with E Liquid before using the device. 
    How to refill the Smok Novo X Pod Kit











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