Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. What these terms cover. The terms and conditions contained in this page apply to the products we supply to you, whether these are physical goods, services or digital products.
1.1 Why you should read them. You must read the terms and conditions carefully before you submit an order with us. The terms inform you of how we supply the goods, who we are and how we may change or terminate the contract, what to do in the case of a problem and other important information. Please contact us if there is a mistake within the terms.

2.1 Trading Name: Drip Hacks Limited, Trading address and Registered office address: Unit 4 Holland Business Park, Riverdane Road, Congleton, Cheshire, CW12 1PN. Company number: 09755282. VAT number: 09755282
2.2 We operate the website driphacks.com 2.3 Contact us: You can email us at info@driphacks.com or contact our customer service team by telephone on 01260271658. If you are emailing us, please include the details of your order so that we may identify it. The same details apply if you are contacting us as a business.
2.4 How we may contact you: We may contact you by email or telephone using the information supplied to us in your order.

3.2 How we will accept your order: We will accept your order once we have emailed you to accept it, this is the point at which the contract begins between ourselves and you (the buyer).
3.3 Denied orders: If we are unable to accept an order, you will be informed via email and you will not be charged for the product. There may be one or more reasons for this including out of stock items, incorrect description or prices for a product or products, or because we could not reasonably meet a delivery deadline.

If, upon the completion of an order with us, you may wish to make a change. You can contact us regarding this with by email or by phone. You will be informed whether or not a change is possible and asked to confirm if you’re happy with the changes we can or cannot make. If we are unable to make the change or the change to the order is unacceptable, you may wish to end the contract.

5.1 Small product changes: We might choose to change a product if: - The law obligates us to do so, or there is an update or change to a relevant regulation - We dictate an improvement is necessary/possible.
5.2. Significant product/terms changes: We may make changes to the product and/or the terms as described on our website, at which point you will be notified via email. You may elect to cancel the contract and receive a refund provided the items ordered have not been delivered.

6. PRODUCT SUPPLY 6.1 Delivery: Delivery costs shall be presented to you on our website.
6.2 Delivery period: You will be informed when your order has been shipped via email and a dispatch period of 1-2 working days is necessary during normal operations. Under busy periods this period may be extended to one week. You order will be delivered within 7 working days after your order has been accepted. Wholesale orders will have a 7 working day dispatch period, subject to delays. 

6.3 We cannot be held responsible for delays outside our control: If our supply of products is delayed by circumstances outside our scope of control, you will be contacted regarding this and we will endeavor to minimize delays where possible. Provided we contact you regarding this information, we are not responsible for such delays under the circumstances. You may wish to end the contract with us and receive a refund provided the goods have not been delivered.

6.4 If you are not at the address upon delivery: If you are unable to take delivery of the goods as you are not at the address at the time of delivery, you will be left with a note detailing how you may proceed to re-organise a delivery, or collect the goods from the depot.
6.5 If you do not collect or re-arrange a delivery: If you fail to arrange a re-delivery or do not collect the goods from the applicable depot, we may contact you for further instructions where possible and you may be charged for further delivery/holding costs. In the event that our efforts are unsuccessful, or we are unable to contact you, we may end the contact with you and clause (??) will then apply. 6.6 Your legal rights if the goods are delivered too late: You, as a customer have certain legal rights in the event that we have delivered your order outside of the delivery deadline. You may wish to end the contract immediately if the following circumstances apply: - We have refused to deliver the order - Delivery within the provided deadline was required (accounting for the relevant conditions) - You informed us before your order was accepted that delivery within the deadline was required.
6.7 A new delivery deadline is requested: If however, you do not wish to end the contract immediately considering the aforementioned, or do not have the right to do so under the clause 6.6, you may wish to extend the delivery deadline provided it is within reason. You can then end the contract if we fail to meet the new deadline.
6.8 Ended contract for late delivery: If you do wish to end the contract immediately under the clauses 6.6 and or 6.7, you may cancel the order and reject any of the goods that have been delivered. You may also reject or cancel part of the order, after which you will be refunded for the sum of the cancelled goods and the cost of delivery. If the order has been delivered, you must: - Return them to us via post - Allow us to arrange a collection from you. The cost of postage or collection will be provided by us
6.9 When responsibility for the order is yours: The responsibility for the order and the goods will become your responsibility once they have been delivered.
6.10 When you own the goods: Once payment for the items has been received, you will then own them.
6.11 Insufficient information: We require certain information from you to complete and deliver the order. If this information is not supplied to us, we may contact you regarding this. If you give us incomplete or incorrect information we will either end the contract or require compensation for any work done.
6.12 Why we may delay or suspend the supply of products: In order to deal the following: - A technical error or technical updates - Update a product in accordance with relevant regulations and laws - Make required changes requested by you
6.13 Your rights in the event of clause 6.12: If we delay or suspend the supply of products to you, you will be informed with the details unless an emergency. You may wish to end the contract with us if a product or order is suspended, or if you are informed of such circumstances.
6.14 If you refuse to pay we may suspend the product(s): The supply of products may be suspended in the event that you refuse to pay and do not make payment within 7 days of a reminder. You will be contacted regarding this.

7.1 The following clauses (7.1 - 7.6) apply to consumers only and not to trade sales.
7.2 You are always able to end the contract: What products you have purchased, whether there is an issue with it/them, and how we perform when you elect to end the product affect your rights: - If an item is faulty, or not as per the description, you have the right to end the contract and receive some or all of the money back, or the item replaced/repaired. - If you wish to end the contract as a result of something we have done or said, see clause. If, during the cool off period you have changed your mind about a product, you may be eligible for a refund, subject to deductions, and you will be responsible for the cost of sending the items back to us.
7.3 Ending the contract based on what we have done or said: If you elect to end the contract between us as per the provisions below, you will be refunded in full for any products not delivered. The provisions are: - We have informed you of changes to products or the terms with which you disagree - We have informed you about an error regarding a product description or price and you wish not to proceed - We have informed you of significant delays outside our scope of control - We have put the products on hold for technical reasons, or you have been informed we will do so - We have delivered late, clause 6.12
7.4 Changing your mind (Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013): You have the right to change your mind within 14 days for most products bought online and receive a refund. 7.5 When you don’t have the right to change your mind: - Products sealed for hygiene or health purposes that have been opened upon receiving them - Products that have been inseparably mixed with other items after delivery
7.6 The time in which you may change your mind: This depends on the items ordered and how it is delivered. If you have made an order and the goods are split over many days, the 14-day period comes into effect after the last item has been received.

8.1 The following provisions provided in this clause apply only to consumers, not trade sales.
8.2 You may inform us that you want to end the contract, please provide relevant order details in your email or phone call: - Via email (see above) - By phone (see above) - By post (post to the provided address above) 8.3 Returning products in the event of ending the contract between us: You may return the goods to us at the above address. If you are exercising your right to change your mind you must return the products within 14 days of telling us you wish to end the contract.
8.4 When we will pay return costs: - If the products are faulty or not as described - If you elect to end the contract based on a change to the product or these terms, an error in product description or price, or delays outside the scope of our control - If you have changed your mind, all other circumstances you must pay the cost of return.
8.5 Refunds: We may refund you the price paid for the products including delivery, by the method used for payment.
8.6 Deductions from refunds in the event of changing your mind: - We may reduce the amount refunded in the event an item or items have lost value (damages whether cosmetic or significant) If upon return, the item or items have been inspected after a full refund and it is determined they have been handled in a way that devalues them, you must pay us the appropriate sum. - Refunds for shipping costs will be based on the least expensive delivery option we provide
8.7 When your refund will be given: Refunds will be made as soon as possible.
8.8 Returns with regards to businesses: A no returns policy applies unless: - Incorrect/misdescribed items are present. - The goods arrived damaged resulting from our dispatch system - The items received are recalled for health and safety measures - The goods are faulty
8.9 In the event a products packaging has been tampered with, we will not replace it.
8.10 If the goods are returned to us you must contact us regarding this, at which point we will inspect the items(s) to ascertain whether a return was necessary. If so, a full refund will be issued, or a replacement(s) will be issued.

9.1 We may end the contract in the event that you break it: - Payment is not made within 7 days of us reminding you it is due - You do not provide us with the necessary information required to supply you with the products - You do not allow us to deliver the items within a reasonable frame of time.
9.2 Compensation is required in the event of breaking the contract: If we elect to end the contract due to circumstances outlined in clause 9.1, we will refund you in full for the products purchased but may deduct or reasonably charge compensation for the net costs incurred as a result of breaking the contract.