TFS DIY E Liquid Concentrate – Fresh Raspberry

The Flavour Smiths Fresh Raspberry DIY E Liquid flavour concentrate


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The Flavour Smiths – Fresh Raspberry E liquid flavour concentrate

DIY E-Liquid Concentrate

The Flavour Smiths DIY e liquid flavour concentrates are superb single flavours which can be used to create one-shots for vape juice. Formulated to be both authentic and strong, TFS flavour concentrates are the perfect solution for your DIY needs. As with all single flavours, they’re intended to be mixed with other flavours, sweeteners and additives to create a well-rounded profile that works well in your device. Mixing your own e liquid is a simple task that just requires some trial and error as well as some careful planning – you don’t want to waste too much of your liquid so mix in small batches first before committing to your final batch.

TFS Fresh Raspberry E liquid concentrate is a sweet and strong profile lending itself to berry profiles but also works very well in most e liquid recipes. It has a slight tang to it as you’d expect and this can be very pleasant when vaped, though the addition of various additives and enhancers like koolada ws-23 and ultra sweet can be used to tweek the overall flavour profile. Raspberry E Liquid is a great flavour and used extensively throughout the market and a favourite among those mixing their own e liquid recipes. We consider it a staple flavour in your toolbox and it offers great value for money. A little bit of raspberry e liquid flavour concentrate goes a very long way.

How do I use TFS DIY e liquid flavour concentrates?

Using TFS Fresh Raspberry is straight forward and simple – simply devise your recipe and decant the required volume into your container (usually an eliquid bottle), shake well and store for steeping out of direct sunlight in a cool place. Lets consider the following recipe:


  • TFS Fresh Raspberry 50%
  • TFS English Strawberry 20%
  • TFS Raspberry Jelly 10%
  • Drip Hacks Koolada WS-23 10%
  • TFS Strawberry Enhancer 5%
  • Deionised Water 5%

Firstly you will need to gather your mixing equipment to successfully turn your DIY e liquid flavour concentrates into e liquid.

You may need:

  • Scales
  • Pipettes/Syringes
  • Gloves
  • Bottle to mix in

You can decide to measure in weight or volume, either way the method is similar. Measure the correct volume of each component and add to the bottle or container you’re mixing into. Shake well, then add your VG/PG & Nicotine to create a useable e liquid. The above recipe should be used at 20% in eliquid, so if you mix 20ml of the concentrate, you’ll need 80ml of Vg/Pg and Nicotine at the correct ratio according to your requirements.

Why should I use Fresh Raspberry E Liquid concentrate?

Mixing your own e liquid is easy and straight forward, and can save you a huge amount of money in the process. Not to mention you will be able to fine tune your eliquid to your exact taste making your perfect all day vape. Making DIY e liquid is akin to making dinner, you simply add ingredients together to create something that tastes and vapes nice. With practice comes experience and eventually you will start to understand what flavours work well with others, what shouldn’t be paired and how to maximise a flavour using various additives like Koolada WS-23. Ultimately the DIY e liquid scene is rewarding and easy to get into with the benefit of saving you huge sums of money. During this cost of living crisis every little helps, and devising your own e liquid recipes can ease the burden especially when considering the cost of vaping disposables.

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