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Lost Mary Tappo

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Lost Mary Tappo | Rechargeable Pod Kit | Prefilled Pods | ELFA Pro Pods AND Tappo Pods | Super Simple to Use | 750mAh Battery | 20mg Nic Salts


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Tappo Rechargeable Pod Kit by Lost Mary

What is the Lost Mary Tappo?

Lost Mary’s latest release is unsurprisingly not a disposable vape. After the governments recent promises regarding the prohibition of disposable vapes the market has seen a more vigorous uptake of more sustainable options like Pod Kits. The Lost Mary Tappo is a rechargeable Pod Kit which accepts the Elfa Pro Pods and is supplied with a prefilled Tappo Pod so you can start vaping immediately, straight out of the box.


Enjoy the same great ergonomics of the Lost Mary BM600

Unlike more progressive and capable pod kits such as the Voopoo Argus G2, the Lost Mary Tappo is simplistic in it’s design and function. There’s no screen, no buttons and no airflow control. It is designed to help smokers and users of disposable vapes to transition onto greener vaping solutions by removing any complicated functionality and control. That being said, it’s a capable little device which offers a great experience in a very compact form – just like a disposable vape.


The Tappo is the same size as the Lost Mary BM600

The Lost Mary Tappo features a rounded metallic body, just like the original Lost Mary disposables so it’s very comfortable in your hand. The generous integrated battery affords a good period of vaping between charges and each pod is prefilled with 20mg nicotine salt.

As a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable vapes, the Lost Mary Tappo is great step in the right direction, but falls short in some ways vs the competition. When we compare it to a pod kit by hardware manufacturers like Voopoo, Aspire, Vaporesso or Oxva, it’s clear to see that the Lost Mary Tappo underperforms.

Device Adjustable Wattage  Adjustable Airflow  Refillable Pods  Battery Size
Lost Mary Tappo  No No No 750mAh
Voopoo Argus G2  Yes Yes Yes 1000mAh
Vaporesso Xros Pro  Yes Yes Yes 1200mAh
Aspire Minican 3 Pro  Yes Yes Yes 900mAh
Oxva Xlim Pro Yes Yes Yes 1000mAh


Arguably, the Lost Mary Tappo caters to a different clientele and this is why it doesn’t incorporate advanced features such as rapid charging, adjustable wattage & airflow, power modes and more. We still think any of the other options in the above table are better and for good reason: though they may seem more complicated, they’re just as easy to use. The fact that the Lost Mary Tappo uses prefilled pods means you’re very limited in terms of flavour & manufacturer. The other devices can be used with any nicotine salt from any manufacturer, offering more flexibility.

The Tappo is only compatible with Tappo pods & Elf Bar Elfa Pro pods which are limited to 20mg/ml. If you’re looking for a vape kit which you can gradually reduce the nicotine strength with then the Tappo is not the right kit for you. We recommend any of the other items in the above table as you can choose any nicotine strength you wish, allowing you to gradually reduce nicotine consumption if you intend to give up altogether.


Recharge your device repeatedly for a more sustainable vaping experience

Lost Mary Tappo Flavours

Banana Ice Lemon & Lime Strawberry Ice
Blueberry Sour Raspberry Mary Turbo Strawberry Raspberry
Blue Razz Lemonade Mix Berries Tropical Fruit
Cherry Cola Peach Ice USA Mix
Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava Spearmint Watermelon

Tappo FAQs

Who is the Lost Mary Tappo suitable for?

The Lost Mary Tappo is suitable for smokers and disposable users looking to transition onto a more sustainable yet simple vape kit device. Offering a super-simple experience paired with high strength smooth nicotine salt, the Tappo imitates the sensation of smoking cigarettes and vaping a disposable vape device. The smooth nicotine salt provides a mild throat hit and a rapid uptake into the blood stream so you get your nicotine fix quickly. The lack of features makes using the Tappo nearly as easy as a disposable and the replacement prefilled pods are readily available everywhere.

How do I Use the Lost Mary Tappo?

Remove the device and the pod from the packaging and insert the pod into the slot on the device. Ensure the battery is fully charged then inhale on the mouthpiece.

What Pods are compatible with the Lost Mary Tappo Vape Kit?

You can use both the Lost Mary Tappo Pods AND the Elf bar ELFA pods with the Tappo pod kit.

Why Should I switch from a Lost Mary BM600 Disposable to the Tappo?

Ultimately, you’ll have to at some point soon as the government will ban single use vapes. Making the switch to rechargeable vapes is sensible in 2 main ways anyway: they’re cheaper in the long run and do much less damage to the environment.

Why We Think The Lost Mary Tappo is a Good Choice for Disposable Users & Smokers:

  1. Simplicty: The Tappo by Lost Mary provides a very simple vaping experience. The integrated rechargeable battery provides repeat use and a good capacity for extended use periods. The replaceable pods are readily available and simply click into place ready for use.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Like most pod kits, the Tappo is much more affordable than single use devices and the only thing to replace is the prefilled pod itself. Instead of throwing the whole kit away including the battery, you only throw the empty pod away which reduces your monthly spend.
  3. Environmental Impact: Single-use disposable vape devices are a blight to our environment and their prolific use has brought about much adverse media coverage leading to their eventual prohibition. The Tappo is a much greener solution and ensures greatly reduced plastic and chemical waste, all of which is needless.
  4. Format: Disposable Vapes are small and discreet and this is one of the reasons they became so popular. The Tappo is of the same size so it fits snugly in your pocket and is easy to travel with.


Lost Mary Tappo Pros:

  • Compact and travel-friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Looks Great
  • Fits comfortably in your hand
  • Range of flavours available in Tappo and ELFA pro pods
  • Rechargeable

Lost Mary Tappo Cons:

  • No adjustable airflow
  • No adjustable power output
  • No screen
  • Relatively small battery capacity
  • Limited to ELFA Pro and Tappo pods at 20mg

Lost Mary Tappo Specifications:

Pod Parameters: 

  • Capacity: 2.0 mL / 2.0 mL (TPD)
  • Material: PCTG
  • Resistance: NA
  • Nicotine Salt

Device Parameters:

  • Name: Lost Mary Tappo Rechargeable Pod Kit
  • 750mAh integrated battery
  • Aluminium housing
  • USB-C charging port
  • LED Battery Indicator lights

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Lost Mary Tappo Device
  • 1 x Tappo prefilled pod
Weight N/A


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