Digiflavour Siren V4 MTL RTA

Digiflavour Siren V4 MTL RTA


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Digiflavour Siren V4 MTL RTA

Digiflavour are responsible for some of the best rebuildable kits and atomisers on the market – and the Siren V4 MTL RTA is no exception. Offering unparalleled flavour and a simplified and easy to build deck, the S4 MTL RTA is a great choice for flavour chasers.

Simplicity and Aesthetics

The Siren V4 MTL RTA is a stylish looking device with a host of great features including fully adjustable airflow control, a single coil build deck with room for large coils and an extra long drip tip (mouthpiece) which cools the vapour and stops your lips from burning. MTL vapes such as the Siren MTL offer some of the best flavour potential available due to their high power, lower airflow design. The reduced airflow concentrates the flavour production in the vapour – produced by a coil with a large surface area so if you want to get the most out of your E Liquid, the Siren V4 MTL is a prime opportunity.

Rebuildable Characteristics

The Siren V4 MTL RTA is a Rebuildable Tank Atomiser – meaning the coil is fed E Liquid via a tank which is refilled once depleted. A classic in the rebuildable scene, RTAs offer a compromise between RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers) and lower power devices like Pod Kits.

The build deck on the Siren V4 MTL RTA is simple featuring two posts (positive and negative) which takes a single coil. The post holes take large coil legs which are fastened securely using large flat head screws, making the building experience easy and simple.

With adjustable bottom airflow situated directly beneath the coil – flavour potential is optimised allowing you to experiment with coils to find the best option for your E Liquid.

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