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Vaporesso GTX Coils


Vaporesso GTX Replacement Coils in a range of Resistances.

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Product Description

Vaporesso GTX Coils

GTX coils are a series of replcement coils for a range of devices manufactured by the vaping giant “Vaporesso“. Used in some of the most popular kits including the Luxe XR Max, GTX coils offer great compatibility and a broad range of vaping styles to ensure there’s something to suit everyone. We stock 4 different coils each with a different resistance and so suited to different styles of vaping including MTL, RDL and DTL. Read more about these in our Ultimate guide to Vaping blog post.

Who are Vaporesso?

In 2023 Vaporesso are a giant in the vaping industry, producing some of the best known and most popular devices available on the market. With big names like the Luxe XR Max and the Xros 3, the brand has become one of the biggest and best known. Their pursuit of quality and aesthetics is second-to-none, as well as their keen eye for innovation. Vaporesso have been able to identify market trends ahead of time to ensure their products are up to date and fresh, with great features and sleek designs.

The introduction of high power pod devices like the Luxe XR max hint at the future of disposable vape devices like the Elf Bar 600. The sensation of single use vapes seems to be on the decline and Vaporesso are all too aware of this as can be seen with their market push for reusable, sustainable devices.

Vaporesso are a trusted brand whose products have seen almost every corner of the globe with some starting entire trends in the rest of the industry.

GTX Coils Features:

  • Vaporesso Sub Ohm & MTL Coils
  • Cross-Compatible, suited to a variety of Vaporesso devices
  • Mesh Coil structure for increased flavour and vapour production
  • DTL, RDTL & MTL Vaping
  • Compatible With High VG & PG E-Liquids

Each GTX coil features a mesh build with slight variations in the size and type of resistance material used, offering rapid vaporisation of E Liquid over a large surface area for excellent flavour. Our general advice and rule of thumb for choosing E Liquid is as such: For coils over 1.0 Ohm, opt for thinner E liquid in the region of 50Vg/50Pg. For Coils under 1.0 Ohm, opt for thicker E liquid with a Vg/Pg ratio of around 70/30.

We’ve put together a list of the GTX coils and their compatibility with devices, as well as their recommended wattage.

Recommend Wattage:

  • 0.2 Ohm GTX Mesh Coil: 45 – 60W
  • 0.3 Ohm GTX Mesh Coil: 32 – 45W
  • 0.4 Ohm GTX Mesh Coil: 26 – 32W
  • 0.6 Ohm GTX Mesh Coil: 20 – 30W
  • 0.8 Ohm GTX Mesh Coil: 8 – 12W
  • 1.2 Ohm GTX Mesh Coil: 7 – 11W

GTX Coils Compatibility:

0.2 Ohm0.3 Ohm0.4 Ohm0.6 Ohm0.8 Ohm1.2 Ohm
Vaporesso Target PM80Vaporesso Gen 40 AirVaporesso Gen PT80 SVaporesso Gen PT80 SVaporesso Gen PT80 SGTX One
Target PM80 SETarget PM80Gen PT60Gen PT60Gen PT60Target PM80
Vaporesso Luxe XR MaxPT80 STarget PM80Target PM80Target PM80Target PM80SE
Gen PT60Target 80Target PM30Target PM80SETarget PM30Target PM30
Target 80Luxe 80Gen Air 40Target PM30Gen Air 40Gen Air 40
Luxe 80Luxe 80 SLuxe XRGen Air 40GTX OneLuxe PM40
Luxe 80 SXiron KitsLuxe XR MaxGTX OneLuxe PM40Gen Nano
GTX GO 80Swag PX80 KitsXiron KitsGTX Go 40Luxe XRGTX Go 40
Gen Nano and Swag PX80Gen NanoXiron KitsXiron Kits
Swag PX80 KitsLuxe PM40Luxe PM40 PodsGTX Pod 22
Luxe PM40 PodsGTX Tank 18GTX Pod 26
GTX Tank 18GTX Tank 18



Each pack of coils contains 5 pieces. 

Important Notice regarding Sub Ohm:

Sub Ohm Coils are described as any coil below 1.0 Ohm. These are recommended for advanced vape users only as they require more power from an advanced kit/device to function optimally.

Supporting the use of viscous (thick or VG heavy) E Liquid at 60Vg/40Pg or higher, lower strength nicotine of around 3-6mg or 0.3 – 0.6% is recommended as the increased vapour production delivers more than lower power pod kits.

Additional Information

Coil Resistance

0.15 Ohm, 0.3 Ohm, 0.8 Ohm, 1.2 Ohm


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