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Vaporesso Xros Pro

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Enjoy unparalleled vaping with the new Xros Pro by Vaporesso. Packed with features including a larger battery, fast-charge, auto-draw and button activation, a built in screen and more.



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Product Description

About the Vaporesso Xros Pro

Vaporesso’s incredibly popular Xros platform sees a new addition: the Xros Pro. Based on the success of the previous versions, this device is packed with features that make it one of the best pod kits on the market. Introducing the very first pod kit with a “super pulse” system providing rapid heating for minimal delay, a larger battery with quick-charge capability and more, this device looks to be the end-game for pod kits.

With a maximum power output of 30W, it’s on the higher-end of pod kits along with the Xlim SQ Pro by Voopoo, and with a large, built-in batter of 1200mAh, you’re all set for extended periods of vaping between charges. What’s more, it’s fast-charge capability reduces down-time even further. The Xros Pro caters to those who like auto-draw activation as well as those preferring button-activation.

Read our in-depth review of the Vaporesso Xros Pro for full details, features, highlights and more.


Vaporesso Xros pro packaging


Vaporesso-Xros-Pro with protective film

Vaporesso Xros Pro with protective film

The Xros Pro is supplied with a brand new 0.4Ω Mesh coil for smoother and more accurate flavour and denser clouds. The COREX technology employed by Vaporesso in this coil sees an enhanced mesh structure for better flavour production no matter the E-Liquid. Vaporesso say their mesh sheet is thinner in the middle and thicker towards the outside, combating a common hot-spot tendency in many coils in today’s market. They dub this technology MORPH-MESH.





The Axon Super Pulse mode and COREX heating technology provides an unparalleled experience in terms of flavour and vapour production, competing with the very best kits on the market currently. The Xros pods are top fill meaning they’re leak-proof and simple to use.


Precise Airflow Control

Airflow control is a great feature for any pod kit and has become standard as the market evolves and devices become ever more capable. The Xros Pro is no exception and includes a simple airflow control mechanism for fine adjustments to your vaping style.


Previous devices in the Xros family of kits have enjoyed such success party due to their aesthetic nature. Simple is often best and we feel this is what the Xros platform does well. The Xros Pro is a more sophisticated looking kit but is still simple and compact in its design, especially when considering the pods themselves. They’re rectangular and feature a black plastic mouthpiece on the top covering the refill port.

The device is compact, sleek and some of the models features a colour gradient halftone effect which is very eye-catching. The metallic body construction makes it a nice device to hold and it feels well-built.


Ease of Use

As you would expect of any pod kit – the whole point is simplicity, and whilst each successive device brings more features – the Xros Pro remains beginner-friendly. The ultimate goal of any pod kit is to help smokers and disposable vapers transition onto a healthier, more sustainable option.


The Xros Pro is regulated, meaning power output is precisely controlled by the built-in chip. The Axon chip also provides a number of safety features including short-protection, over-heat and more. Perhaps a new feature that the Xros Pro brings is it’s dedicated locking button. Pushing this button will lock the device and prevent it from firing in a pocket or bag.

Xros Platform – Pods

The Xros platform by Vaporesso comprises various pod kit devices and interchangeable, replaceable pods with fixed coils for compatibility and ease-of-use. See below for our guide on pod compatibility. All pods in the range feature a mesh structure coil for rapid wicking and a smooth, accurate flavour which allows you to enjoy the full benefits of whatever E-Liquid you choose.

0.6Ω Mesh Pod Xros 3 Xros 3 Mini Xros Nano Xros 2 Xros
0.8Ω Mesh Pod Xros 3 Xros 3 Mini Xros Nano Xros 2 Xros Mini Xros
1.0Ω Mesh Pod Xros 3 Xros 3 Mini Xros Nano Xros 2 Xros Mini Xros
1.2Ω Mesh Pod Xros 3 Xros 3 Mini Xros Nano Xros 2 Xros Mini Xros



Kit Contents

  • 1x Vaporesso XROS Pro Device
  • 1x Vaporesso XROS 0.6Ω Mesh Pod (Pre-installed)
  • 1x Vaporesso XROS 1.0Ω Mesh Pod
  • 1x Reminder Card
  • 1x Type-C Cable
  • 1x User Manual & Warranty Card

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