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Welcome to the home of the best e liquid flavour concentrates on the market. As manufacturers of custom flavour concentrates for many years, we have the experience and the knowledge to create the best e liquid recipes available. With an extensive list of esters and other flavour compounds to draw from, we can mix any E Liquid flavour imaginable to bring unique profiles to the market.

Drip Hacks Flavour Concentrates come in a wide array of tantalising flavours including our best sellers: Blue Slush and Acid Drop. These flavours are unlike any others on the market and have earned their position at the top. Discover our Hackshots® for the cheapest E Liquid in the UK and an unparalleled DIY mixing experience made easy through innovation.

What are Eliquid Flavour Concentrates?

Eliquid flavour concentrates are simply concentrated flavour to be used in vape juice/eliquid/vape liquid, whatever you may call it. The flavour concentrate is one of the main constituents in eliquid as no one wants to vape a flavourless liquid! The flavour concentrate is normally composed of various chemicals that together make the flavour profile complete. Each flavour is very different and some of them are complex whilst others are very simple. Flavour concentrate cannot be vaped on it’s own and needs to be mixed with the other constituents comprising e-liquid, those being: Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol and Nicotine if it’s required. There is also usually a steeping process advised for each flavour, though many of the fruity vape liquids are less dependant on this for the flavour to reach it’s full potential.

How do I use eliquid flavour concentrate?

In the old days, the flavour concentrate was sold in a full bottle, for instance 30ml was filled in a 30ml bottle, meaning you’d need to decant the liquid into a larger bottle and add the other ingredients to complete. We removed this step for our customers by providing the flavour concentrate in over-sized bottles. What this means for the DIY vaper is one less step, as well as less plastic waste and an easier mixing experience. The oversized bottle provides general mixing guidelines on the label as shown below:

3mg 6mg 12mg
Nicotine (20mg/ml) 38ml 75ml 150ml
VG + PG 162ml 125ml 50ml
Concentrate 50ml 50ml 50ml

The above table makes mixing flavour concentrates into eliquid very easy. In a 250ml Hackshot you can see you will need 38ml of Nicotine & 162ml of VG & PG in order to make 3mg. This will leave you with 250ml of approximately 70/30, 3mg ejuice and can be had for as little as £9.99.

We primarily sell our flavour concentrates in 250ml hackshots as it’s so much easier to mix and the value for money is exceptional.

What do I need to make my own e-liquid?

Let’s take the most simple approach to this:

You’ll need a Hackshot, Nicotine and VG + PG. We also sell our Hackshots in “Starter Kits” which give you the nicotine and the VG – meaning you don’t need to then go and add your nicotine and vg to your basket. Simply visit any Hackshot page and choose the product variation you require as we offer a 3mg, 6mg and a stronger 16mg version called the “MTL” Kit.

Flavour concentrates are in all e-liquids and offer a huge array of flavour profiles so you’re almost guaranteed to find something you like.

Which flavour concentrate is best?

Flavour concentrates come in all different flavour profiles and can even be altered by YOU. If you want to make a flavour sweeter, add some of our sweeteners found in the additive section of our website like Sucralose, Stevia, Ultra Sweet, Ethyl Maltol etc. If you want to make a flavour concentrate colder you can try adding some Koolada WS-23, also found in the additive section of our website. Koolada WS-23 is similar to menthol with its cooling properties but does not impart any flavour of its own, making it a very special and popular additive that you will find in many finished eliquids and flavour concentrates available anywhere. It is a fine, white crystalline powder that we homogenise into propylene glycol and use extensively due to market trends. The cooling property of Koolada WS-23 helps make fruity flavours “pop” and can really boost a flavour concentrates profile especially during summer.

The best flavour concentrate depends on subjective opinion but a good place to start is by trying the best rated and most popular flavours we offer.

Blue Slush has remained our number one since 2015, only having been usurped on a few occasions by flavours like Acid Drop and Alkaline Rise. Everyone has a different opinion regarding a flavour but generally the best of the best tends to hold steady, so Blue Slush is an excellent choice for flavour concentrate. After all, who doesn’t like Blue Raspberry Candy Slush?!