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Menthol Crystals

Menthol Crystals – Adds a cooling Minty aroma to your E-Liquid


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What are Menthol Crystals?

Menthol Crystals are made using Wild Mint and have a number of uses including in E-Liquid as a coolant and for it’s Mint aroma. The Crystals are clear, varying is size and shape and are hard and brittle. They smell strongly of Menthol and can be dissolved in liquids such as Propylene Glycol and Water to create a Menthol solution. The use of Menthol in E-Liquid is nothing new and indeed it remains one of the key ingredients in a huge number of products available today.

How do I use Menthol Crystals in E-Liquid?

Using Menthol Crystals is simple and offers much better value for money over Menthol Liquid. This is a great option for those looking to make large batches of E-Liquid containing Menthol.

We recommend dissolving Menthol Crystals in Propylene Glycol at a ratio of 30/70, for example: weigh out 30g of Menthol Crystals and dissolve them in 70g of Propylene Glycol. This will create a very strong Mint/Menthol solution which can then be added sparingly to E-Liquid to provide a cooling, minty sensation. we then recommend that this solution is added to E-Liquid at around 1% – though you’ll need to do some Trial and error yourself to see what suits you!

If you’re looking for a coolant only with no change to the taste of you E-Liquid, check out our Koolada WS-23.

Is it safe to use?

Menthol is well researched and used in a variety of industries including Beauty, Health & Food. We can safely say the use of Menthol in E-Liquid is safe because the effects of it’s aerosol form are also well known. A Liquid form of Menthol is commonly used & recommended by health professionals to help unblock airways by inhaling it’s aerosolised form. When Menthol is “atomized” in an electronic cigarette, the result is much the same (not including the other ingredients in E-Liquids.

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