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What is a Hackshot? 

A Hackshot is e liquid flavour concentrate in an oversized bottle. Most of our flavours contain 50ml of flavour concentrate but some are different. The oversized bottle containing your eliquid flavour concentrate means you can mix straight into the bottle without having to decant. This idea is many years old now and goes back to the early days of vaping and even before the introduction of the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive). We released our Hackshots following the TPD in order to make DIY vaping easier for the masses. 

DIY e liquid became a sensation shortly after the TPD as many sought to spend less on their vaping habits. Indeed DIY e liquid flavour concentrates make vaping a far more affordable habit, especially in todays market with the cost of living crisis. 

A Hackshot is the best means to make the cheapest e liquid, so if you’re looking to continue vaping without breaking the bank, head on over to Hackshots and take a look at our extensive database of e liquid flavours. 

How do I use a Hackshot? 

Using a Hackshot is easy. Observe your mixing values by deciding what nicotine strength and Vg/Pg ratio you require. Then add these to the bottle, shake well and vape! It’s really very simple and straight forward. Plus you’ll be left with 250ml of e liquid in minutes, which lasts the average sub-ohm user approximately a month or more. Those using MTL or pod kits will benefit even further as these devices employ much less power and therefore go through e liquid at a much lower rate. 

Each of our Hackshots has a table of volumes required in order to reach a desired nicotine strength on the label. 

Why should I start mixing my own DIY e liquid? 

Put simply, it’s actually easier than you think to go from an eliquid flavour concentrate to a finished e liquid. The task consists of a few simple steps taking only a few minutes to complete. 

One thing that isn’t discussed much in the vaping industry is the impact it has on our environment. The TPD limits nicotine-containing eliquids like nic salts to 10ml per unit, meaning every time you vape 10ml of e liquid, a bottle goes to the bin (or recycling). DIY eliquid somewhat reduces your plastic waste footprint by providing a much bigger e liquid to plastic waste yield. 

The most inviting aspect of mixing your own diy e liquid is of course an obvious one: money. Consider the cost of 250ml of DIY e liquid vs 10ml nic salts. 250ml of DIY eliquid can cost as little as £9.99, with everything you need to mix in a minute or two. Nic salts that you’d typically buy from a shop usually retail for around £2.99 – £3.99. The saving in this case is obvious to anyone. 

Another interesting point about DIY e liquid is the ability to finely tune your flavour. When mixing your diy e liquid (or at any point after) you can add certain products to improve or alter the flavour profile, sweetness, cooling and in sourness. If you like Blue Slush but find it could do with a cold hit, simply add some koolada ws-23. Want a flavour to be sweeter? Add some Sucralose or Ultra sweet.

What is an e liquid flavour concentrate? 

DIY e liquid flavour concentrates are just flavourings designed for use in e liquid. They form the base of any e liquid and come in an endless list of flavour profiles. 

They’re used in every e liquid out there from Blue Slush to Lemon Tart. Without them, vaping wouldn’t be a thing. We’ve been manufacturing our own e liquid flavour concentrates for a number of years now and some of them have gone on to win awards with ecig click. Not only do we make flavourings for our own products like the Hackshots and our Pocket Salt nic salt juice, we also make custom e liquid flavours for a multitude of other companies and even started another company “The Flavour Smiths” in order to branch out into flavours entirely, irrespective of the vaping industry. 

What is nic salt and freebase nicotine? 

Nic salt juice and freebase nicotine are just two different forms of nicotine. Both come from the tobacco leaf but nic salts employ an acid like Benzoate to reduce the PH as freebase is alkaline, making it quite harsh to vape – making a “strong throat hit” with which many will be familiar. Not only is nic salt smoother because of this, it is also more quickly absorbed by the body than freebase nicotine meaning you get your nic rush faster. For this reason they are perfectly suited to pod kits and MTL vapes. Pod kits and MTL devices require less power than sub-ohm kits so a higher strength nicotine is typically used. High strength freebase nicotine can be too harsh and unpleasant to vape, and this is why nic salts juice has become so incredibly popular. 

What is the best vape to quit smoking? 

This is by no means a medical opinion, it is simply our subjective opinion: We think the best means to quit smoking using a vape is a Pod kit like the Argus Z. Quitting smoking can be a challenging endeavour with high reward, as they say, nothing worth doing is easy. Those looking to quit smoking using a vape kit will need to use higher strength nicotine and use a simple, hands free vape device like the Argus z paired with nic salts juice to assist in the process. 

The Argus Z is perfectly paired with flavoured nic salts juice like the pocket salts, and if you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping, you’ll probably need a high strength juice, 10 – 20mg. Nic salts juice would be best here for the reasons mentioned in the previous section. 

Because smoking tobacco provides a very fast nicotine rush, nic salts juice is more comparable due to it’s similar uptake by the body. Nic salts are nice and smooth even at high strength, and with the myriad flavours available it won’t be long until you’ve found your all day vape. 

What is steeping and should I do it? 

Steeping is the process using in the production of e-liquid to let the flavour “age” – this simply means the flavour will reach its maximum potential at the end of this time. When mixing your own e liquid, you should do this yourself. 

Steeping is important as without doing this your e liquid may not reach its full potential before you vape it, which is why we always recommend a steeping period and the rule of thumb is 7 days for fruits, 6 weeks for desserts. 

You do not have to steep your diy e liquid flavour concentrates however, it is just a recommendation. 

How much are Drip Hacks Loyalty points worth? 

1 point = 1 penny. So in order to get £1 off your next order you will need to have 100 points. It sounds like a lot, but the discount can rack up quickly. Purchase something for £10 and get 10 points. Do this 10 times and you will then have £1 off your next order. Combine this saving with our free shipping over £40 and our regular flash sales etc, you can save big money very easily! 

Are Drip Hacks products safe?

We procure ingredients for use in our e liquid flavour concentrates and nic salts juice responsibly, from reputable sources and in high grade such as food/pharmaceutical grade. 

We don’t add any dyes or colourings to any of our products and no oils are used in anything, all e liquid flavour concentrates are suspended in Propylene Glycol.

Do you e-liquids contain Diacetyl or Diketones?

As per TPD legislation these chemicals are banned from use in e liquids and all of our products are compliant. All of our nicotine liquids undergo rigorous emissions testing to check for such chemicals before they can be registered with the MHRA and sold to the public.