Drip Hacks was founded on the ambition to supply the market with the highest quality yet affordable products. Launched in 2015, we built ourselves a reputation for exactly this, and continue to strive for excellence. It is our mission to provide our customers with the best experience possible, ensuring our product range is adapted an improved whenever possible. With our fast delivery times, exceptional customer service and our relentless pursuit of improvement, we have come to the spotlight in the industry and aim to cater to our customers every need.

It is with this ambition that Drip Hacks is able to provide the best E Liquid Concentrate products around, at the lowest prices possible. Our experience with Short Fill E-Liquid, 100ml E-Liquid and flavour concentrates and their individual characteristics, as well as powders, crystals and other additives allows us to create the most refined flavours available. We take our customers thoughts and opinions very seriously as this is the driving force behind success, with this attitude our product range will never remain the same and can only increase in scope and quality.

Where it all started

Our story!

Our story started as a small, self serving interest with intent to produce our own E-liquid, thereby saving money on something that should have been less expensive than smoking. Once we realised the endeavour was within our means and very much worth-while, we began selling E-liquid to order on Ebay, in the days prior to the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive). During this time our trading name was “Valhallan Vapour”. We opted for a Norse theme due to our own interests in the area. We quickly changed to Afterlife Vapour and began selling flavour concentrates only, in lieu of impending legislation that would restrict our ability to do so.

During this time, the market for flavour concentrates grew rapidly and a niche within the E-Liquid industry opened, the DIY E-Liquid sensation. Many Vapers realised the potential savings represented in One-Shots and the company flourished, eventually and permanently changing its name to “Drip Hacks”, now one of the biggest names in the game. Our product range diversified and we now continue to sell One-Shots, Hackshots, as well as E-Liquid, Nicotine, Additives and more.

In our on-going mission to provide the best products available, Drip Hacks retains it’s exceptional reputation, winning awards for best value and best DIY Supplies in 2018’s ecigclick vape awards.

Our products

What makes us great?

Our first products to enter the market where made-to-order E-liquids in a variety of sizes and Nicotine strengths, all sold on Ebay. In the early days of the vaping scene it was possible to buy large volumes of E-Juice at almost any Nicotine strength, premixed. This meant you could buy the finished product without the need to mix anything, now unfortunately a thing of the past.

With some forward thinking we decided to get a step ahead of the game and switch over to Vape Concentrates only. In doing so our target audience changed to those looking to make their own E-Liquid. At the time we had approximately 15 flavour concentrates (called One-Shots) ready to mix into E-liquid, a range which we have constantly developed and updated in order to reflect market and seasonal demands. It was shortly after that we developed our own range of convenient One-Shots called “Hackshots”.

The Hackshot is a simple solution to DIY E-Juice. Rather than taking a full bottle of flavour concentrate and decanting into a larger bottle to be mixed, the Hackshot provides the room required to do this. Each 250ml bottle contains the recommended percentage of the flavour within, most of them being 20%. This means you can mix in the bottle you bought, rather than using multiple bottles to mix, decant and stir. It’s also a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach considering the reduced number of bottles required. Hackshots quickly became our most popular product and allowed us to grow exponentially, solidifying our place in the market.

Furthermore, we launched a range of E-Liquids (compliant with TPD regulations) in 50ml volumes. These “Shortfills” are much the same concept as the Hackshot, but you do not need to consider the addition of VG or PG. The bottle is 60ml and contains 50ml of E-liquid at a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. Simply remove the cap, add a Nicotine Shott and away you go. Simple!