About Drip Hacks

The History of Drip Hacks

Founded in 2015, Drip Hacks originally started as a means for us to make our own E Liquid to save money. Our friends and family encouraged us to bring our excellent flavours and great value to the public and so we started in earnest. We called ourselves “Valhallan Vapour” due to our interest in Norse mythology which is still evident in some of our product names such as “Blood Eagle” and “Blood of Vikings”. Not long after we changed our name to “Afterlife Vapour” due to similarity with a competitor, though we kept the same Norse theme.

Eventually we adopted a more generic name we felt would carry the brand long-term and settled on our current name “Drip Hacks”. The name comes from a combination of Dripping (as in Rebuildable Dripping Atomisers) and “Hacks” being a means to vape better and cheaper E Liquid. Our beginnings predate the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) introduced in 2016, which saw our business evolve into more of a DIY platform supplying E Liquid Concentrates, additives and Base mix (Vg/Pg).

DIY E liquid exploded shortly after the introduction of the TPD and various other businesses and brands were born, all vying for the same market share. In order for us to gain an edge over our competition we began making our own flavour concentrates from scratch which meant our flavours would become 100% unique to us, instead of being bought in from various flavour houses and blended with other third party concentrates in an effort to make a unique “One Shot” Flavour Concentrate.

Making our own flavour concentrates from the ground up meant our business changed to become a true manufacturer. We now supply a great many well-known brands with flavour concentrates – some of which have become famous in the industry. Our ambition to create the best E liquids and flavours for use in vape juice hasn’t changed, and our unique ability to create individual flavours means our prices remain unmatched.


Our Expertise in Flavour

With humble beginnings and a keen interest and experience in flavour coming from 10+ years in the culinary field, we became renown for our products and relied heavily on word-of-mouth. Our excellent reputation pushed our brand into the top few in the DIY niche of vaping where we continued to expand and improve. Our team grew enormously in the years that followed and so too did our abilities. From simple beginnings selling small bottles of E Liquid to operating a score of fully-automatic filling/capping machines across 7 business units, we’ve built a powerhouse brand with quality as our driving force.

Flavour is perhaps the most important aspect of E liquid and now a highly competitive market. In 2023, Drip Hacks is a fully independent manufacturer with a host of awards for our products. We release completely unique flavours every month and add to our growing database of in-house single flavour profiles. Our facility includes equipment required to heat, homogenise, blend and store thousands of individual compounds and esters which are required to make our unique products. Our highly-trained staff are well versed in the field of flavour and draw upon years of experience allowing us to quickly and easily create new and exciting profiles.

Our products

One Shot E Liquids

Prior to the TPD, we sold E liquid ready to vape including nicotine in volumes up to 1L. We saw great success doing this and things looked great for us. The panic brought on by the TPD forced us to adapt and evolve into a DIY brand selling only flavour concentrates as these weren’t (and still aren’t) covered by the legislation. Fast forward to today (2023), and we do much the same thing. Our comprehensive and evolving array of E liquid concentrates remains highly sought-after with a huge customer base.

The introduction of the “Hackshot®” saw huge success. Our trademark Hackshot® is essentially a One Shot flavour concentrate in an oversized bottle. The idea being that you can mix straight into the bottle instead of having to decant into another bottle along with Vg/Pg & Nicotine. Discover our blog post on One Shots to find out more.

The Hackshot is a simple solution to DIY E-Juice. Rather than taking a full bottle of flavour concentrate and decanting into a larger bottle to be mixed, the Hackshot provides the room required to do this. Each 250ml bottle contains the recommended percentage of the flavour within, most of them being 20%. This means you can mix in the bottle you bought, rather than using multiple bottles to mix, decant and stir. It’s also a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach considering the reduced number of bottles required. Hackshots quickly became our most popular product and allowed us to grow exponentially, solidifying our place in the market.

To make things simpler, our Hackshots can be bought in “Starter Kits” which you will find on the product page. The Starter Kit supplies you with everything you need to mix including the concentrate itself (in the Hackshot), 200ml of Vegetable Glycerine and the Nicotine Shots. You can choose your Nicotine Strength in 3mg, 6mg and MTL (16mg/ml)

Shortfill E liquids

Shortfill E liquids are similar to Hackshot but contain the VG & PG, meaning you only need to add Nicotine to complete. Shortfills bridge the gap between full DIY E Liquid products like our Hackshots and ready vape products like Nic Salts. Usually available in 60 & 120ml formats, Shortfills offer a more convenient option whilst still providing great value for money. Our “I Love Flavour” range of Shortfills provides some truly unique profiles all using our in-house made flavour compounds.

Jumbo Nic Shots

Jumbo Nic Shots or “Longfills” are essentially much smaller Hackshots. The 60ml bottle contains only flavour concentrate so the addition of base mix (Vg & Pg) and Nicotine is required. This option is great for DIY enthusiasts who like to switch flavours often and don’t wish to vape a whole 250ml of E Liquid. Also available in the “I Love Flavour Range”, Jumbo Nic Shots are DIY E liquid on a smaller scale.

Nic Salts

Nic Salts are becoming increasingly popular due to the general demand for cheaper products following the incredible success of disposable vapes like the Elf Bar 600. The majority of people who vape value convenience above all else, and whilst value for money is still important, vaping for most is a means to an end. Nicotine Salts offer a more affordable option to disposables whilst still being simple and convenient. Great for use in Pod Kits like the Oxva Xlim Pro and the Argus G, Nicotine Salts are the industries most popular form of E Liquid.

Salt Nicotine provides a smoother hit over conventional “Freebase” nicotine, meaning it can be vaped at a higher strength without such a strong throat hit. It’s this reason that they’ve become more popular than Freebase and best suited for ex-smokers.

We have two ranges of Nicotine Salts: “Pocket Salts” and 23 of our incredibly popular Hackshot Flavours. Pocket Salts utilise a proprietary blend of sweeteners and a unique Salt nicotine to create a smoother, sweeter flavour.

Disposable Killer Kits

Following on from the success of Disposable Vapes and their slow downward trend, we released a convenient kit designed to help users ditch Disposable Vapes. Our “Disposable Killer” kits give you everything you need to get started with some of the best Pod Kits on the market including the Oxva Xlim Pro. The concept of a package with everything you need has seen great success and is now one of our best sellers, proving a general desire to switch to a more sustainable form of vaping.

Starter Kits

The Starter Kits supply the hardware including spare pods as well as 5 of our 10ml Pocket Salts. These come in an attractive resealable bag for convenience. Available in Starter Kit form are the following devices:

  • Voopoo Argus G
  • Oxva Xlim Pro
  • Voopoo Argus Z
  • Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini

Refill Kits

The Disposable Killer Refill Kits supply replacement pods for any of the above devices along with 5 x 10ml Pocket Salts of your choice. A convenient and simple means to get replacement pods and E liquid at the same time.


Our roots in DIY E Liquid mean we carry a range of additives used to enhance your E Liquid. Discover a range of products including Koolada WS-23 for a cooling hit and Sucralose for a sweeter flavour.

The Flavour Smiths

We launched our sister website The Flavour Smiths a few years ago in order to concisely display our available flavourings in one place. We now offer the best sellers here at Drip Hacks to bring the best value E liquid possible. TFS concentrates are single flavours not designed to be vaped on their own, and instead are great for individuals who want to make their own flavour entirely and can offer the cheapest E liquid available in the UK.

Nicotine Shots

A staple in the industry, Nicotine Shots are absolutely essential for DIY E liquid. We offer Salt and Freebase Nicotine available for anyone mixing their own E Liquid. We also supply businesses with Nicotine in bulk up to 100kg. Enquire to find out about pricing.


Over the years we’ve amassed a great many resources both physical and non-physical, with a number of production lines capable of fulfilling most jobs with high speed and efficiency. With custom built machinery designed in-house, we’ve become a fully independent business run effectively and efficiently with a small and dedicated team of professionals.