DIY E Liquid and One Shot Concentrates

What is a One Shot?

In the DIY vaping scene, a One Shot is simply a complete flavour concentrate composed of various flavours and additives, used to make E liquid. Our Hackshots are One Shots as they don’t require the addition of any single flavours or additives – they’re ready to go. One Shots make DIY E Liquid as simple as possible, removing the seemingly endless trial and error and the inevitable waste of flavour concentrates involved. For those looking to make great tasting E Liquid on a budget One Shots are the way forward, giving you enough freedom to customise your vape juice in terms of nicotine strength & Vg/Pg ratio whilst making the task very simple and straight forward.

With our experience and knowledge in flavour chemistry your taste buds are in good hands!

Why use One Shots?

In essence, One Shots are incredible value for money. By giving you the choice of adding your own nicotine and vg/pg, the price of the finished E Liquid is dramatically reduced which is so important in todays cost of living crisis. Furthermore the TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) limits nicotine containing liquids to 10ml which is an environmental disaster waiting to happen given the sheer volume of plastic bottles that will end up in landfill. By providing One Shot flavour concentrates in Hackshots, you can legally make E Liquid containing nicotine in much larger volumes of 250ml!

This is a legal loop hole that threw most of us a lifeline when it comes to vaping. Those of us using high power sub ohm devices would likely go through an entire 10ml bottle (or 3) in a single day – the logistics, value for money and practicality just don’t add up in this case.

How do I use a One Shot?

See our blog post on How to make your own E Liquid for an in-depth guide. To recap: mixing a Hackshot (as explained above a Hackshot is a One Shot) is simple and requires three simple steps. Simply remove the caps/nozzles from your Hackshot, Nicotine and VG and decant into the Hackshot. Simple! One Shots come in a tremendous range of flavours including desserts, fruit and beverage, with some of our flavours winning awards for their delicious profiles.

Can I use a Hackshot for a Pod Kit?

A Hackshot can be mixed into E Liquid at strengths up to 16mg which will be strong enough for most unless you’re adamant that 20mg is your sweet spot. You can also mix a Hackshot in various Vg/Pg ratios including 50/50 which is required for Pod Kits. The lower power and smaller coils employed by pod kits mean they struggle to absorb e liquid at ratios above 50/50 – so always ensure your mixing calculations are correct before committing – use steam engine to do this the right way.

Consider the below for Acid Drop with a nic strength of 1.2% or 12mg/ml, and a ratio of 50/50 Vg/Pg.

You want to make a Hackshot of Acid Drop:

  • Hackshot contains 50ml Flavour Concentrate (PG based)
  • You’re using 20mg/ml 50/50 Nic Shots
  • Your target nic strength is 12mg/ml or 1.2%
  • Your target Vg/Pg ratio is 50/50

Steam Engine DIY E Liquid One Shot - E Liquid calculator

You can see on the table on the right that you need:

  • 15 x 10ml Nic Shots in 50/50
  • 50ml Vg

Drip Hacks Conclusion to One Shots: 

Our bread and butter is the Hackshot® which is just a One Shot in an oversized bottle. Most of our customers are familiar with how they work and enjoy the benefits of using them which include value for money, reduced plastic waste and great taste, plus maybe even versatility!

If you’re tried of overpaying for your E Liquid (which we feel most people do) then One Shots are your new best friend. Not only are they user-friendly, they’re inexpensive and supply you with a much larger volume of vape juice than you’d be able to buy in a single bottle anywhere else. Plus Drip Hacks has the benefit of it’s own flavour development with which we make truly unique flavourings specifically for use in E Liquid.