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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

Discover our Short Fill E Liquid range at Drip Hacks for short fill e-liquids created from our popular One-Shot flavour concentrates. Contained in an easy-squeeze, easy-pour bottle in the handy pocket size of 60ml, Short Fill E Liquids are the best e-liquids to take with you out and about, enabling you to fill up or switch up your flavours easily on the go. With E LIquid Concentrates for everyone in a mix of recommended percentages, find your new favourites among our Short Fill E Liquid range.

What are Shortfills?

A Shortfill is a name coined to describe an eliquid product which (like our Hackshots) has been decanted into oversized bottles. Why? To leave room for you to add your nic salts or freebase nicotine. The Shortfill has become an incredible popular vape juice format due to it’s ease of use, value and compact size. The fact that there is room in the bottle means you are free to choose which nicotine to add to the bottle. So you can even decide which strength or type of nicotine to use, making a Shortfill a very customisable eliquid.  Typically Shortfills are limited to 60ml bottles (containing 50ml of 0mg eliquid) and 120ml bottles (containing 100ml of 0mg eliquid). The 10 and 20ml free space for each is the space you have left to add nicotine, WS-23 or whatever other additive you desire.

How do I use a Shortfill?

Shortfills are similar to our Hackshot flavour concentrates but smaller and already mixed with VG/PG, making them easier to mix as all you need to add is Nicotine (unless you want to vape 0mg eliquid). To use any of our Shortfills, simply remove the cap and nozzle and decant the required volume of nicotine. Shortfills are normally used by people with higher end mods and tanks, RTAs etc and so 3mg is the norm. For a 50ml Shortfill you will only need 10ml of Nicotine and for a 120ml shortfill you will need 20ml of Nicotine to reach 3mg overall nicotine strength. As always, once you have added your ingredients you will need to shake thoroughly to ensure the ingredients inside have been mixed properly.

How is a Shortfill made?

A Shortfill is made in the same way as any other eliquid just without the Nicotine added. Missing this step means production is easier (thereby reducing the price to you for a small compromise in convenience over premixed nicotine containing eliquid). We take our carefully crafted flavour concentrates and mix them with VG & PG at a specific ratio. We then load this liquid into a pump on one of our production lines which then decants the liquid into the bottles, places the nozzle and cap onto the bottle and sends the unit to be labelled and batch coded.

Is a Shortfill suitable for me?

Shortfills are typically used by those with higher end mods providing high power and therefore they are sold with a high VG to PG ratio. Pod style vapes and MTL kits are on the lower end of the power spectrum and often struggle to atomise such viscous (thick) liquid. You will need to consider the capabilities of your device and the VG/PG ratio of the liquid you are looking to buy.  A device like the OXVA Xlim or the Argus Z are best paired with eliquid with a VG/PG ratio of 50/50. Our Shortfills are 70/30 Vg/Pg so shortfills may not be best for you. With such devices you would be best looking at our Pocket Salts which are specifically designed for such devices as they are 50/50 Vg/Pg.  With Pod style vapes you can also consider our Hackshot flavour concentrates if you’re not opposed to doing some simple DIY eliquid mixing. Not only can YOU decide which nicotine strength and VG/PG ratio you desire, you will save a considerable sum of money by doing so.


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