Apple is one of the most popular fruits eaten around the world and a staple in most people’s diets.  The crisp sharp and fresh flavour goes well with both food and a snack with plenty of vitamin c and more added health benefits than you could ever want from a fruit.  It is the popularity of apple that translates into E-liquids with  many apple flavoured E-Liquids on the market today.
Apple can be found in hundreds of different fruit mixes as well in desserts and even apple flavoured E-juices. The sharp crisp tangy flavour can both add a light fresh flavour or a tangy sour body in different flavour profiles.  It can be both a dominant and passive flavour depending on its use but any fruit flavour benefits from some added apple flavoured concentrates.  Whether you want to give your fruit medley a tangy kick or want a crisp fruity top note, apple is extremely versatile.
Apple flavoured E-liquids are very versatile and can be used in any vaping set up without any issues on coils.  The stronger the flavour the more sour notes come through so at higher wattages, apple can really give your taste buds a bit of a kick.

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