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Banana is much loved around the world for its soft yet nutritional benefits.  Whether you want a healthy snack or want to bulk up naturally, banana is eaten by so many different people.  A main ingredient in most tropical themed desserts, banana can be cooked, blended or eaten raw and its fresh, sweet and ripe notes can bring a meal to life.  It is no surprise to see how many banana flavoured E-liquids are out on the market today.
Whether mixed with a cream or dessert base or added to a tropical mix, banana can really turn a profile from flat to fresh in an instant.  Banana flavoured concentrates can be found in many different popular recipes from milkshakes, to pastry to ice cream to give that recipe a fresh flavour.  In tropical mixes banana can make those additional fruits taste ripe and authentic like a fresh fruit cocktail on the beach.  Banana flavoured E-juices can be bold and strong with very little bitter under-notes to go along with it.
Banana when used in moderate amounts can sit fine on coils with higher wattages bringing the ripe elements out far more.  A nice MTL banana flavoured E-liquid can be fresh and flavourful but too much can way heavy.


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