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The traditional berries is a part of English heritage that goes far beyond a pie. The berry covers some of the most beloved English fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and even blueberry. When combined together, berries can bring a dessert to live or add a sweet and juicy addition to that smoothie packing it full of anti oxidants. Berries are used in so many things these days from scents to dessert, juices to jams. Their versatility and flavour makes them a real home favourite to most people and many great products out there lend thanks to the simple humble berry mix.

When it comes to berry flavoured E-liquids, what you can expect is sweet and tart flavour, with a lot more besides that. Adding a medley of different sweet flavours being counterbalanced by the slight tart left on your tongue, berry flavoured concentrates are always a firm favourite with juice makers. A berries flavoured E-juice will leave your taste-buds overloaded with all the little notes from each berry as you enjoy each vape you take. Perhaps you want to add a lot of flavour for a little amount, berries flavoured concentrates can so just that, providing you with a varied profile with just one bottle of concentrate. Not overly sweet, a berries flavoured E-liquid will run fine on any set up and do not require any additional sweeteners to be added.


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