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One of the most beloved treats alongside a cup of tea, Biscuit is both tasty and versatile. Made with a variety of different ingredients, a biscuit can be sweet or savoury, it can be found in many desserts or enjoyed by themselves. Not to be confused with the American version, the great British biscuit is a delicacy like no other out there. They can be chocolate or plain, loaded with caramel or fruit, the biscuit is a wonderful invention that some say is one of the greatest inventions in the world.

A biscuit flavoured E-liquid brings both the savoury and base level in any recipe. Whether it is the base of a lovely cheesecake juice, a fruity simple dessert or as part of a creamy recipe with some added weight, biscuit flavoured concentrates are extremely versatile. The ideal thing when it comes to biscuit is that as little or as much is fine to use, serving as an ideal background flavour in your recipes. It can go with many different flavours out there so biscuit is one of those flavours that allow you to be creative and let your imagination run wild.

If you want to try a biscuit flavoured E-juice then you have plenty of options available out there. The staple for any dessert, biscuit is as popular in real life as it is in vaping.


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