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Blackberry is one of Great Britain’s favourite little fruits for its flavour and use. Whether found on a bush or used in home cooking, the sweet yet tart berry brings a lot of flavour to everything it is used for. The perfect summertime treat, it can be added to drinks, baked into a pie or perhaps a juicy jam, there is plenty that the small berry can do. Packed with anti oxidants, it is both enjoyable and good for you, which is why you start to see it more and more across the seas.

A Blackberry flavoured concentrate can bring a lot of sweetness or add a level of tartness to counter balance other sweet fruits. It is ideal when partnered up with other basic fruits such as apple, blackcurrant or pear, it brings plenty of flavour combined with deft touches of effect. A blackberry flavoured E-liquid is mouth watering and yet tart, fruity and sweet, there is plenty that it can bring to your recipes. It works well in most coil types, it is an ideal ingredient for your fruit recipes and plenty of brands take full advantage in their blackberry flavoured E-juices.


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