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Blackcurrant can be found in many different places because that little berry can go a long way. Some of the most popular drinks out there benefit from the blackcurrant turning a drink into an experience. Used in a variety of different ways, the blackcurrant can add plenty of deep flavour to a pie or a dessert and alongside its berry cousin, is one of the most popular flavours out there. Packed full of anti-oxidants, the blackcurrant is sweet and tart with a mouth watering experience wherever you find it.

When it comes to blackcurrant flavoured E-juices, what you come to expect is plenty of deep sweet flavour with a small note of tartness in behind it. Often combined with a sweetener or a sweeter fruit, a blackcurrant flavoured E-liquid can be as authentic as the drink you had as a child or as juicy as a mouth full of the blackcurrant themselves. Often combined with other berries or combined with a pastry or a menthol style finish, blackcurrant flavoured E-juices can be very simple but very enjoyable. If you want to add some blackcurrant flavoured concentrate to your mixes then less is most certainly more, with many versions being overpowered when mixed at a higher amount. A simple touch of blackcurrant in your recipes can really bring them to life.


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