Blue Raspberry Vape Juice

E-Liquids with a Blue Raspberry profile seem to be among the most popular available, if not THE most popular. It is the quintessential vape flavour and has seen enormous success in all aspects of vaping, though most notably from disposable vapes like Elf Bar. Whilst not being a natural flavour, Blue Raspberry is inspired by a particular kind of Raspberry found in the United States known as White Bark Raspberry

Blue Raspberry is a sweet and slightly tart flavour, a great combination that resonates with many making it one of the most sought after vape flavours out there. Discover our range of Blue Raspberry Vape Juices right here including concentrates, ready to vape E-Liquids and kits. 

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 


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    Blue Gum – Slush E Liquid

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 


    Blue Slush 75ml Shortfill

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 

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    Menthol Lost Mary Vape BM600

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    Blue Razz Lemonade Nic Salt E Liquid by Bar Juice

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 


    Blue Slush Nic Salts 10 x 10

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 


    Eisenberg Ultra

    Blue Raspberry, Cherry & Menthol

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 


    Blue Cola

    Award-winning Blue Raspberry Cola

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 


    Cryo Lightning

    Cold Blue Raspberry & Lime

  • Easy-to-Mix | Kit | Sub-Ohm 


    Blue Slush

Blue Raspberry Vape Juice makes for a refreshing and unique flavour which has seen many variations from multiple suppliers become best-sellers, including our very own Blue Slush Hackshot®. Blue Raspberry Vape Juice can be bought in ready-to-vape e liquid bottles as well as DIY-centred formats like our Hackshots – which can be supplied with everything you need to mix straight away. Just choose the Nicotine strength which suits you and you’ll get a kit with everything you need. This is the most affordable means to buy vape juice and our customers couldn’t agree more. 

We’re also one of the few flavour houses in the UK which means we make our own E-Liquid from the ground up. What does this mean for you? It means our flavours are 100% unique and you will not find their like anywhere else.