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Drip Hacks - Cheap e liquid UK Shop

The blue raspberry is a curious case as in the real world it can be found everywhere yet does not actually exist. The flavour, mimicking a white bark raspberry is a very popular summertime flavour but actually finding one in the wild is almost impossible. Packed full of sweetener, the blue raspberry flavour is found in many slushes, ice pops and other frozen treats or combined with a nice mint in a drink. One of the most popular flavours in the frozen aisle, the blue raspberry is a flavour that really makes us wish to be outside in the sun with our favourite slushed drink in hand.

Blue raspberry flavoured E-liquids are often sweet with very little tart aftertaste. The overloaded sweetness can mean it compliments a sweet fruit flavour or combined with a menthol can make a blue slush, one of the more popular flavours out there. A blue raspberry flavoured E-juice is simple yet tasty and quite often if not hidden in a medley of different flavours can be enjoyed on its own. Blue raspberry flavoured concentrate can add a fruity sweet extra touch when combined with other fruits or made to be as cold as possible and vaped on its own merits. It can be great on coils when not used in large amounts due to the sweetness of the flavour, so it can certainly be a staple to anyone’s cupboard.



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